What is Fear of Math and how to Remove it?

1.What is Fear of Math and how to Remove it?-

What is Fear of Math and how to Remove it?
What is Fear of Math and how to Remove it?

What is Fear of Math and how to Remove it, we will know about this problem and solution.

Today’s era is science and technology era, so changes are happening at a rapid pace in life and education.  To keep pace with this pace and to maintain mobility, a workshop has been organized to remove mathematics phobia in students.  There is a need to change the mindset of the students to overcome the math phobia.  For this, teachers, educational institutions and parents should try together.  Along with conducting workshops of this type to overcome math phobia, social media can prove to be a good platform.  We do social media for entertainment, information about the latest happenings in the world and to reveal and share our thoughts.  Today, most of the youth makes full use of internet and social media and spends most of their time on social media.  Therefore, if social media is used to remove mathematics phobia, you can get better results.  Only a limited and fixed educational institution can benefit from the workshop.  But the scope of social media is more broad and connected to every youth.  For this, voluntary organizations, mathematics teachers, government and enlightened people have to overcome the difficulties faced in mathematics by using social media platforms to overcome the mathematics phobia.  Of these, the most important is the role of the mathematics teacher.  Therefore, along with changing the mindset of the students, the mathematics teachers should be taught the mathematics subject with this skill mode so that the students start feeling happy instead of running away from the mathematics subject.  Mathematics should be taught in sports, riddles (puzzles) and in an entertaining way, so that children will find maths subject not easy but difficult subject.  There is also a need to remove mathematics phobia because mathematics has a deep connection with our lives and jobs.  Therefore, we can neither leave mathematics nor away from it and there is no solution to it.

Mathematics subjects develop a special kind of maturity, mental strength, reasoning and thinking power in us.  Therefore today in every competition the test of mathematics subject is compulsory.  Secondary, higher secondary level students think that if we leave the maths subject we will miss it.  We have written many articles about how much mathematics is related to our life and jobs and how important it is.  If you want to know more about it, then you should read those articles.

On the basis of personal experience, we can do this math practice again and again and keep a positive attitude towards mathematics, then the math subject will not seem difficult but simple.  It will be fun to solve maths topic.  The biggest reason why maths topic seems difficult is that we do not practice mathematics properly in the early classes.  Instead of solving problems we find difficult.  Since boys and girls live in their childhood, there is not so much understanding as to what the consequences will be in the future.  Those who are sensible ie teachers, parents and enlightened people do not pay attention for any reason.  Most teachers teach mathematics from a professional perspective.  They solve selected exercises by taking exam-centric approach.  Parents do not pay attention because they understand their responsibility even to get admission in a good educational institution.  The second reason is that parents are busy earning money.  If the future of boys and girls is to be bright and superior, education of boys and girls should be given attention from the initial class itself.  Boys and girls should focus on conducting extensive and in-depth studies rather than conducting exam-focused studies.  If we are alert, attentive and cautious, then there is no reason why children will be scared of mathematics.  If we solve mathematics subject with interest and curiosity, then we will feel joy.

What is Fear of Math and how to Remove it?
What is Fear of Math and how to Remove it?

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2.Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu conducts a workshop on the topic “How to overcome the fear of mathematics”-

November 25, 2019

In the era in which life is changing at a rapid pace, the education system is changing at a fast pace.  To maintain the same momentum, today we held a workshop on “How to overcome the fear of mathematics” at Jammu Sanskrit Vidyalaya, Jammu.  The resource person for the same was the founder of Sudhir Singhal Dynamic Minds Group, a motivational speaker and a counselor who is registered with the Guinness World Record.  The workshop was attended by teachers from Jk Police Public School, Miran Sahib, Presentation Convent, Humanity Public School, Doon International, STMP Hr.  Sec  School and Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu.

It began with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony and the presentation of plantations.  This resource led to the introduction of the workshop by discussing techniques for achieving excellence in mathematics.  He also explained how children can be well understood about multiplication tables using table learning techniques, coding and decoding techniques, and other games that can erase math phobias from children’s brains and for children.  Can make the subject attractive.

With the words of Ms. Rohini Aima, Principal cum Vice-Chairperson of the school at the workshop, it was stated that the workshops serve as a platform that provides and provides opportunities for stakeholders to be aware of the latest innovations and trends.  Shows the way.He thanked Sudhir Singhal for enriching the faculty about mathematics, which is usually a fear factor for children and how it can happen.

By above tips we can solve “What is Fear of Math and how to Remove it?”

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