Talent Search Test in Mathematics

1.Introduction to Talent Search Test in Mathematics-

Talent Search Test in Mathematics,Talent Search Test in Mathematics Olympiad we will read above the topic.

A man’s good deeds, service, philanthropy are often remembered after death.We do not get to experience his good works in his survival stage.When a person does good work, he keeps on doing it without any airing or propagation so that the attention of the people does not go to him.Our attention gets when it is no longer there and its lack knocks us.

Even when he is alive to his good works, we oppose him.But when he realizes his importance after death, we get educational institutions, hospitals, Dharamshalas etc. constructed in his pious memory or announce awards in his name.

Many people do not know such noble person, but only after death.The policy states that –

Often the qualities of a dead man spread more and bloom as if the fragrance of a burnt piece of fruit spreads.

Bihar Mathematics Society will give the Genius of Genius in Mathematics Award to children in memory of Shri Vashistha Narayan Singh.If Shri Vashistha Narayan Singh was a great mathematician, it is natural that any award would be given to children in his memory.Like Bihar Mathematics Society, maybe some other institution or government may announce the award in his memory.

Our view is that the great talents in India are not properly looked after and treated in their living conditions and some award is announced in their remembrance after death.We are not opposing the award after death.We want to draw attention to the fact that if these medical talents are provided with proper medical facilities on time, then how much great work these talents can do in the interest of India cannot be imagined.  Today, if any leader becomes ill, then his immediate medical facilities are provided in the country and abroad, on the other hand, Shri Vashistha Narayan Singh has been battling the disease for 44 years but he was provided medical care only for Khanapurti.  If they had been provided with proper medical care, they would not only have been cured but could have benefited from their services to the country.Similarly, Shri Niwas Ramanuja died at the age of 30-31 years.There is no dearth of talent in India, but due to their proper care and not providing proper facilities on time, we and the country have to suffer.What a contradiction it is that such talents are struggling with life in the absence of facilities, but they are honored after death, awards are announced in their memory.  If India has to make its mark globally, then we have to provide proper facilities to the talents and honor them.The people and government capable of their sufferings and hardships will have to take appropriate steps and stand together in their sufferings.  By doing this, we are not doing them any favors, but those talents are a debt to society and the country, so only we are fulfilling our duty.  Otherwise their debt cannot be repaid at any cost.This should not be done with any talent in the future, this type of arrangement should be done only then in true sense there will be a true tribute to talents like Shri Vashistha Narayan Singh.

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2.Great mathematician of India Shri Vashistha Narayan Singh-

Talent Search Test in Mathematics
Talent Search Test in Mathematics

Dr. Vasistha Narayan Singh, the great mathematician who went to Stephen Hawkins of India, was lying on the stretcher outside the hospital premises today, just as he had found lying in the garbage dumps at Doriganj in Chhapra, Bihar.

Twenty-six years ago, when he was identified, his news was in the news in the newspapers from Patna to Delhi.In those days, in the Patna Navbharat Times, Gunjan Sinha was writing regular satire articles from us.We created a Kanthi Babu character which we used to talk to someone every week and say their words.These days, Vashistha Narayan ji was informed about the meeting and his news started running in the newspapers of the country and the world.  Kanthi Babu was discussing Vashistha Babu that week with a Netaji of the locality.The question was of Kanthi Babu and the answer was about Netaji’s Vashistha Narayan ji.

Now, what happened this morning – Vashistha Babu’s dead body is lying on the stretcher outside the PMCH campus.His brother is wandering for ambulance here and there but the hospital administration is not able to deliver an ambulance.Some people reported from the call, started running on social media.The news channel also started running, then after about two hours, an ambulance was found and at twelve o’clock, near his mortal body, suddenly, from aces-punk leader to the district administration, the phone was placed in his ear from here to there.There is media and these people speak on the phone for the chair-full garland in front of the media camera.Now the Chief Minister is also coming, also the round bouquet of flowers

It has just arrived that in the two leaders of two teams, the credit for coming here in the first place has also come in front of everyone.CM is going to come three, it will be played today, journalists are also whispering in each other’s ears.  A pajama-kurta leader of the ruling party as the camera is inside the car, Vashistha Babu starts shouting Amar rahe.Today, seeing this drama of three hours, I remembered the same twenty-six-year-old Kanthi Babu.  Hoo-bahu same system, same condition and same attitude of government.Netaji’s reply to Kanthi Babu at that time and today the same story which neglected our good governance government.I am posting that story of Nathi Babu – Vashistha of Netaji here.

The first time I met Vashistha was in February thirteen.Sanjay Sashavat had called from Ara, he had said that Vashistha is missing Babu.They are asking about the cartoon printed in today’s newspaper – E K Banwela? On the very next day, we reached Aara in the program of Yavanika, on which stage we also had the opportunity to sit with him, and the book which he gave of his cartoon, he turned and glanced at each page throughout the day’s program.Kanthi Babu had also taken that article for him.Then went to his village Basantpur for the second time, he heard his flute and talked to his mother too.Again and again

Come and go.Is it his birthday or other day.  It was reassuring that every time he would recognize and see his brother smiling.  Heard from many people that they do not tolerate anyone for a long time.  We have seen this two to four times when we get angry.But never found it for myself.  When he went to the hospital last month, he showed himself by showing his cartoon in the newspaper lying there.  His answer was a tuck, looking at him and then looking at me smiling, he said, “You are the only fence” … and had returned after taking good notice that Vasishtha Babu returned healthy

Your Home.Now he will not get the sound of a flute or Vashistha Babu who is always writing something while mumbling on paper pieces.I salute you

# 2 April 1946: Birth.

# 1958: Highest position in Netarhat examination.

# 1963: Highest position in Higher Secondary examination.

# 1964: Patna University law changed for them.  Enroll in the class directly above.  Highest position in BS-C.

# 8 September 1965: Invitation admission at University of Berkeley.

# 1966: In NASA.

# 1967: Director of Columbia Institute of Mathematics.

# 1969: The scandalous research paper (Ph.D.) on The Peace of Space Theory.

# Berkeley University called him “Genius of Genius”.

# 1971: Back to India.

# 1972-73: Professor at IIT Kanpur, holding important posts of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Trombay) and Statics Institute.

# 8 July 1973: Marriage.

# January 1974: Admitted to mental sanatorium of deranged, Ranchi.

# 1978: Government treatment started.

# June 1980: Government stopped treatment money.

# 1982: Mortgage in David Hospital.

# 9 August 1989: Missing from Garhwara (Khandwa) station.

# 7 February 1993: In Doriganj (Chhapra), he was found searching for food in a jutta thrown outside a slum hotel.

# Since then government / private gimmick of intermittent treatment.

# October 2019: In the ICU of PMCH.

(Healed and returned home).

# 14 November 2019: passed away.

(Nothing more today. Just polite tribute.).


# ą„

What do you regret now, when the birds have devoured the field

Government could not provide treatment in the right time and AmbulancešŸš‘ at the last minute.

What is the benefit of repenting when time runs out?

God bless such a great soul.Oh peace

3.Sanoj and Saurabh Topper in Talent Search Test in Mathematics Olympiad-

Sat, 16 Nov 2019

Patna.Bihar Mathematical Society has released the list of Talent Search Test in Mathematics Olympiad held on Saturday, 22 September.

Patna.Bihar Mathematical Society has released the list of successful participants of the Talent Search Test in Mathematics Olympiad held on Saturday, 22 September.  There are 30-30 children in junior and senior class.

The senior category includes the first Sanoj S. Vijendra, DAV Punaichak, the second Manoj Kumar, Uttrita Madhyamik Vidyalaya Arwal, the third Uttam Kumar, Uttrita Government Middle School Arwal.  Saurabh Kumar Utrajit Government Middle School Arwal, Second Srishti Kumari Utrudit Middle School, Mubarakpur, Arwal, Third Isanayalam, DAV Khagaul are the first place in junior class (class 6-7).Vinodanand Jha, OSD, Principal Secretary, Department of Education, Chief Guest at the program organized at College of Commerce, Arts and Science, said that children from Bihar and Tamil Nadu topped in mathematics from the beginning.The regular event of this Olympiad will prove to be a milestone for the state.  – Award will be given in the name of Bashistha Narayan Singh

Dr. Vijay Kumar, the convener of the Society, will give the Genius of Genius in Mathematics Award to children in memory of Bihar Mathematical Society Vashistha Narayan Singh.College students will also be added to this.In Talent Search Test in Mathematics Olympiad 2020, applications for classes six to 12 will be taken from December.There is no dearth of talent in the children of government schools

Principal of Patna Science College, Prof.  KC Sinha said, there is no dearth of talent among the children studying in government schools living in the villages of Bihar.  Interview of successful participants Prof.  Casey Sinha, Prof.  DN Sharma, Prof.  PK Chakraborty, Mukhdev Singh, Prof.  Shailendra Kumar Singh did.  Welcome Principal Prof.Tapan Kumar Shandilya did it.  Prof. on the spot  Anil Kumar, Prof.  Santosh Kumar, Prof.Rajesh Shukla, Deputy Co-ordinator of Mission Quality Education Committee, Dr. Arun Dayal, Dr. Manjaya Kashyap, Suryanarayana Verma, Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Ajay Patel etc. were present.

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