Super calculator kids recite 873 multiplication table in seconds

1.Introduction to “Super calculator kids recite 873 multiplication table in seconds”-

Super calculator kids recite 873 multiplication table in seconds,we will read above this topic in this article.

Super calculator kids recite 873 multiplication table in seconds
Super calculator kids recite 873 multiplication table in seconds

It has been told in this article that in a competition,students made it impossible to hear a difficult mountain like 873.  If we recognize the talent from the child’s childhood and improve it, then such amazing results can be achieved which we will be surprised to hear and see.  It is an incident of the Mahabharata period that Abhimanyu remembered the chakravyuh bhandan narrated by Arjuna to Uttara in the womb of his mother Uttara.

Our sages and sages had already set the example that the task of improving the child’s mental capacity can be started from childhood.  If we try to develop the hidden talent and skill in the children, then we can get such miraculous results.

To increase the ability of children to understand learning, memory and concentration from the beginning, they should practice meditation and yoga so that their mathematical and other abilities can be enhanced.

 Parents and guardians are so busy with their daily routine that they neither think nor attempt to develop such ability and talent in children.  In this way, the ability and talent of the children remains dormant, they do not get a chance to develop them.There are exceptions for some parents who are alert and cautious in developing their children.  Otherwise, in today’s economic and scientific era, parents are generally in a rush to earn money in such a way that they do not get the time to develop the skills and abilities of children.If a gentleman asks him to pay attention to this, his answer is that he got admission in good school and he does not get time from his job to give him time personally.Therefore, they do not consider it necessary to give extra time to children.  If you try and feel that it is necessary to do other tasks, in the same way, the time can be taken to develop the ability and talent of children.After all, they need to think for whom they are doing so much running and contamination.

Super calculator kids recite 873 multiplication table in seconds
Super calculator kids recite 873 multiplication table in seconds

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2.Super calculator kids recite 873 multiplication table in seconds-

Children solve the most difficult calculations in seconds without using a calculator.

Updated: April 17, 2018

Have you ever dreamed that someone could hear a 873 multiplication, a 7347 multiplication, solve a very difficult 200 calculus of mathematics in just eight minutes.It has been made possible by small (5-13 years) children.This impossible feat is made possible by the calculus method of Abacus.  One such competition showing the expertise of calculus was organized by UCMAS at St. Columbus School in Delhi, in which more than 3000 children from different schools of Delhi participated.

The organizer of the 13th UCMAS Delhi competition, Rajiv Garg said, “The process of improving the brain capacity of children and enhancing the mind starts from five years. At this age their learning process is very fast and if at this time we  If you try to increase thinking, ability, memory and concentration, it helps them a lot in life. “

Information about child protection schemes will be in the books of NCERT

He said, “The UCMAS ABACUS method accelerates calculating ability in children, allowing them to solve the most difficult calculations in seconds, without using a calculator. We develop a skill in these children, who  She is always with him.

There were two phases of this competition in the senior and junior categories – written and oral.The result of the written examination will come on the 23rd,while the senior category winner of the oral round was Harshit Singh of Delhi,while the first runner-up was Anish Roy Chaudhary and the second runner-up was Chhapra Goel.Junior round winner Nyasa Rajput, first runner-up Parva Jain and second runner-up were Saksham Miglani.The winners were given trophies and cash prizes.

We have learnt about “Super calculator kids recite 873 multiplication table in seconds” in this article.

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