Simmons Became World Successful Investor on Basis of Math

 1.Introduction to Simmons Became World Successful Investor on Basis of Math-

Simmons Became World Successful Investor on Basis of Math
Simmons Became World Successful Investor on Basis of Math

Simmons Became World Successful Investor on Basis of Math,we will read about this article.

It is mentioned in this article that mathematician Jim Simmons (US) became a successful investor by earning success in the field of investment.  Using the talent of mathematics, he decided to try in the field of investment.  Initially, they lost in the investment sector.  His fellow mathematicians thought that leaving the field of mathematics, adopting the field of investment proved to be disadvantageous for Simmons.  But Simmons did not give up and used his mathematical talents in his company Renaissance Technologies to lead him to the summit. He struggled hard and hard by learning from failure.  Initially, he invested in seeing the trends of the market and the fluctuations of the currency, so he had to bear the loss but gradually he understood properly and decided to use his mathematical talent in it.  You will be surprised to hear that his talent for maths changed the condition and condition of the company.  Today they are counted among successful investors.  That too is not compared to any small investors, but rather to veteran investors such as Warren Buffett and George Soras, who are well-known investors in the world.  We keep writing such articles again and again that through mathematics, a person develops a certain type of intellectual ability to reason, think, think and contemplate.  We can use this ability to solve the problems of our practical and worldly life.

In today’s era, if you want to become a successful economist, chemistry, scientist, doctor, physicist, etc., that is, any profession, then you need to know mathematics.  The social media we use the most today and social media runs through the internet.  But to understand the algorithm of the Internet, knowledge of mathematics is also required.  That’s why many engineers create an algorithm for the Internet.  Large social media sites hire engineers for this task.  Jim Simmons himself has said that the main secret of my success is that I have achieved success using mathematical talent.  We appeal to all the students and parents not to take mathematics lightly and get enough knowledge of mathematics so that you can understand and use the algorithm of mathematics used in your job.  Knowledge of mathematics is becoming a necessity in the modern era.

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2. Simmons Became World Successful Investor on Basis of Math

Simmons Became World Successful Investor on Basis of Math
Simmons Became World Successful Investor on Basis of Math

A graduate from Jim Simmons MIT, he also surpassed Warren Buffett in terms of returns. In his own company, with special input from The Economist, he preferred to hire maths instead of finance.

Dec 01, 2019

With special input from The Economist.  Year 1978.  A mathematician from the world’s best universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, gave up his illustrious career in mathematics.  He now had to become an investor.  By the early 1980s he invested in bond, currency and other investment mediums according to his understanding of the crude computer trading model.  But there was a big loss.  Customers started complaining.  Fellow mathematicians could not understand why they did this.  But today this man is the most successful investor in the world.  Successful enough that he is now named on par with investors like Warren Buffet and George Soras.  American investor Jim Simmons is talking here.  He is now being called the greatest investor of Wall Streets.

Simmons started a company called ‘Renaissance Technologies’ in 1982 at the age of 44.  One of its products, Medallion Fund, has earned trading profits of $ 100 billion from 1988 to 2018.  Its average annual return before fees is 39 per cent (before 66 per cent of fees).  At the same time, the return of Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway was 16%.  That is, if someone had invested one dollar in Simmons’ fund in 1988, he would have received about 27 thousand dollars while in Berkshire Hathaway he would have received $ 107.

That is why Simmons is considered the greatest investor of the modern world.  Today Simmons has assets of $ 21 billion.  A recent book, The Man Who Solved the Market, describes how Simmons has made a successful career in the world of investment.  The author of the book is Grigory Zuckerman of the Wall Street Journal.  Zuckerman started business in 1978 with an investment in the currency.

Initially, they used to invest by making estimates based on the market trends and the value of the currency.  They did not succeed in this.  Simmons later decided to use mathematics in this business on the advice of his friends.  They decided that now they would believe in pure data except emotion.  He designed a computer model that advised investment according to market patterns.  Data from 1700 were collected for this algorithm.  With this, they were able to keep an eye on small and small fluctuations in the market.  In their companies, instead of people from finance background, more people are employed in those who have PhD in Mathematics and Physics.  Simmons gives a mantra about investment that says – “Remove all the emissions in terms of investment”. Simmons has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of California.  He has also served as a code breaker for the US during the Vietnam War.  Simmons says that reading mathematics is most important for children in the world.  He says- “Today everything is based on mathematics.  We use mobile phones the most.  Its algorithm is also made with the help of mathematics.  Mathematics is also important for the economy.  To be a good doctor today, you also need mathematics, because now things have become more quantity based.’

In this article we have read about Simmons Became World Successful Investor on Basis of Math.

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