Maths is last refuge of dissidents worldwide

1.Introduction to Maths is last refuge of dissidents worldwide-

Maths is last refuge of dissidents worldwide,we will read above this topic.

In this article, it has been told by real examples that the political, social or other spheres of the oppressed have been a refugee mathematics area.It is a matter of pride for mathematics that such geniuses who have been oppressed in the political field have found shelter in mathematics, otherwise such talents are either crushed or imprisoned or murdered. Youths educated in mathematics subject choose politics as their field of work or choose such other field and there they do not know their manipulation and politics, or do not follow the practical aspects of politics and ideals, values If we give importance to it, then the conflict starts.In today’s era, in order to make politics shine, people consider policy rules and character values ​​as mere principles and leave them to remain in politics and enjoy the power of power and implement programs.In such a situation, if a talented mathematician or any other talented person raises a voice against them, first they try to suppress his voice and that person keeps raising their legitimate point, criticizes in public forums or makes a statement.So such a man is removed from politics or forced to leave.Actually there are very few people who support the truth and support the truth.In such a situation, when such scholars and talents do not like the field of politics, then they feel uncomfortable there, so they choose the field of mathematics or their other field related to education, except politics.It is not to say here that in politics all people are rotten and hugged.There are some people in politics who actually do public service and in politics also live in simple costumes, stay connected with the land, solve the problems of the people.The reason why such people are persistent is that their personality is so vast, pure, pure and high that it is difficult to remove them from politics.

Our view is that even if no good talent like Mathematics or Mathematics goes into politics and works with dedication of body, mind and money in their field, they should still speak on social, national and public interest issues.And if they are finding something wrong in politics, then they should protest and criticize properly. Finally, they too are part of the country and society.  If talented, influential people will not raise their voice and criticize in the interest of the country and society, then our talent is only symbolic.In such a situation, our talent has not been used realistically, nor is there a right to be called a human being in the true sense.It is a must to oppose the wrong policy rules and programs only while staying within their limits and dignity, because the policy states that – “The wearer of fine luxurious clothes fascinates the assembly, the distance with good fast ride is certain  Do not understand, good nature and sweet-hearted subdue everyone. Never think of anyone as weak, treat the opponent with love and sweetness, do not hate forcefully and work out opportunities, that is, do not miss opportunity, just call it clever. “

Chanakya has also said that “the damage done to this nation by the maladministration of the wicked is more than the inaction of the gentlemen.”

It has been told in this article that people who make such voices in areas connected directly with politics or similar people have been harassed and even put in jail in areas such as mathematics and other mathematics.Lastly, he has made his contribution in the field of Mathematics.  Those who raise their voices and criticize have to suffer.But if we do this by staying within our limits and limits, then God definitely protects us.

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2.Maths is last refuge of dissidents worldwide,Math who last refuge of dissidents worldwide is now vilified by leftists-

Maths is last refuge of dissidents worldwide

Secretary Pompeo Meets Iraqi President Barham Salih

08 October, 2019

Mathematics used to be an area where politically oppressed people could find refuge and find refuge – “used to be.”

Nathan Shransky was one of the most famous dissidents in the Soviet Union.His autobiography Fear No Evil describes how he put the KGB in jail.He was also a mathematician.

There was also the Ukrainian Leonid Plyush, who publicly condemned the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 from inside the Soviet Union.Andrei Sakharov, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975, was a physicist.  So was Yuri Orlov, who founded the Moscow Helsinki Group.The late Cuban dissident Oswaldo Pea also studied physics.The current Iraqi President Barham Salih, who was arrested as a teenager by Saddam Hussein’s security services, studied engineering.

The late Iraqi opposition Ahmed Chalabi was also a mathematician.Former Prime Minister Haider Abidi was an electrical engineer.Muslim Brotherhood activist Mohammad Mursi,who stood in opposition to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, studied him briefly and also studied engineering.

In countries where discrimination against ethnic or religious minorities faces official and state-sanctioned discrimination, mathematics and difficult science are often refuge.The reasons are simple: in systems where politics was immune to almost every aspect of life, mathematics, physics and engineering.When social science content provided an easy way for regime loyalists to “win” university spots, those who did not enjoy social privileges only scored well in the maths examinations of university admissions.Where there was a clear right and wrong answer.Which no politician could interfere with.

Then the irony is that this region, often the ultimate relief of minorities and Dalits, is now being highly politicized in the United States.

Rod Dreher at The American Conservative broke the story late last month that Seattle wants to teach mathematics “through the lens of oppression and racism”.Seattle Public School’s “Ethnic Studies Framework” for K-12 mathematics is here.One topic taught is, “Power and oppression, defined by ethnic studies, are the ways in which individuals and groups define mathematical knowledge to see is Western ‘mathematics as the only valid expression of mathematical identity and intelligence.”This definition of legitimacy is used to distinguish people and communities of color.  Some important questions to be taught are, “How important is being right?”  What is right?  Who says?  One plus one is not always two, if political expediency is to be said.

Such “wake” mathematics may seem socially liberal in the minds of Seattle teachers, but they in fact highlight the hypocrisy outside of their own liberalism and the world’s bubble of ignorance.Generations emanating from the persecution and racist systems of dissidents and some of the most consequential politicians and scientists owe their success and their independence to the fact that the impartiality of mathematical truth was highly cultural warriors’ understanding.

Changing science to suit social trends does not lead to freedom and liberation, but rather eases the path for forces, liberal or reactionary, to reduce human freedom.  Ignorance may be the result of a Seattle education, but its attack on the path to freedom is also a tragedy.

In this article we have read about Maths is last refuge of dissidents worldwide.

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