Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern

 1.Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern-

Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern
Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern

Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern,we will learn above topic in this article.These Mathematics tips helpful for cbse board Students, college students and other who take part in competition examination.

CBSE 12th Sample Paper 2020: Sample paper and new exam pattern of 12th Maths, know important tips-

This article provides tips for preparing for mathematics for the new CBSE pattern but it is equally useful for all subjects and for all types of exams.Apart from this, the omission of taking a large number of Basic Mathematics is also shown in the CBSE Board and new patterns of Mathematics are given.

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1.Complete the Mathematics Syllabus –

Complete the math syllabus.Do not think that mathematics is not to be taken as an elective subject in future classes, so what is the need to complete the entire syllabus?  Do not leave selected syllabus and study it thoroughly, comprehensively and deeply.  Remember, mathematics is definitely used somewhere in your job.The second reason is that when we create a simple topic or mindset to solve a topic, then we are not able to face the difficulties in life properly and have to stumble step by step and face failure.We will create similar trends in the study period, so will our methodology in future.The building will be the same as the foundation.If the foundation is strong then the building will also be durable and strong.

 2.Focus more on difficult topics (Focus) –

 Focus more on the topics which are difficult and give extra time to study them.Generally students find mathematics, science, English subjects difficult.So give these subjects extra time.Apart from giving equal time with all subjects, make extra time for difficult subject.So make your time table in such a way that extra time can be given for difficult subjects.If you do not give extra time to a difficult topic, you may miss some topics by memorizing and solving.So, by sensing this type of situation, focus more on the difficult topics from the beginning and give extra time.In the spare time, practice the topics which are difficult and understand the topics which are difficult and practice again and again.Repeated practice will make your grip on difficult topics tight.

3.Give time to every topic-

To pass with good marks in the exam it is necessary to give time to each subject.  Do not think that this is a simple subject, so you will see it during the exam.Remember, you should keep one or two months of the exam to practice repetition and model papers.  Therefore, give importance to all subjects from the beginning.  Even if you give some time, but regularly give some time to simple topics.

4.Stay away from sports and erotic (sexual) trends

Stay away from sports and erotic trends.  You will not be able to complete the course if you spend your time in sports and drama.  The syllabus in modern education system has expanded so much that time is required to complete, revise, solve model papers throughout the semester, so time should not be lost at all.If you indulge in sensual tendencies, then you will not feel like studying, our concentration will be disturbed and by taking juice in sensual tendencies, you will feel like doing it gradually.Therefore do not forget to indulge in sensual tendencies.Follow celibacy completely.By consuming the juices in sensual tendencies, we gradually begin to move towards misconduct and this can spoil our future.  Student time is the time to study and learn skills, so do not waste time in wasteful things, nor make it compatible with useless people, stay away from such people.

5.Practice Model papers-

Approximately two months before the examination,you should start repeating the course and practicing model papers.By practicing model papers,you will get to know which type of questions come in the exam paper and how long it takes to solve them?  If it takes more than the prescribed time to solve the question, find the reasons why it takes more than the scheduled time to solve the paper.Find the reasons and solve them.  By solving model papers, you will develop self-confidence and you will be able to solve the question paper in the exam with confidence, there will be no panic.

6.Do meditation and yoga –

Concentration is most needed for studies, especially concentration is required to solve difficult subjects like maths and science.  Therefore, to concentrate the mind, do regular meditation and yoga, which will keep the mind focused and at the same time healthy.And it has been said that healthy brain resides in a healthy body.

7.Remember to memorize instead of rote-

Try to understand books, guides and model papers rather than rote and memorize them.  If you do not understand your topic,then try to understand it with your parents, guardians and siblings.If parents, parents are not educated, and your elder siblings are not educated or do not know about math and science, then try to understand from your friends and teachers or join coaching.  Remember and memorize by understanding any topic and topic.Consciously remembered is more permanent.

8.Things to follow during the exam, Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern-

Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern
Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern

(1.) Many students get stressed at the time of examination.Some are afraid of the question paper and due to pressure from some parents and parents, the students get scared.Therefore, keep some things in mind during exam and follow them, then you can be free from fear and stress.

(2.)Give complete rest to the body and get enough sleep because the body feels tired, laziness and becomes irritable due to not giving full rest and not getting enough sleep.  In such a situation, preparation for the exam is not done properly.For this, complete stressless and regular preparation is required throughout the year.

(3.)Keep the mind calm and focused, because if the mind is not disturbed and concentrated, then what has been missed will also be forgotten and the exam paper will be spoiled, which will also have an impact on the upcoming papers.

(4.)While studying, give rest to the brain by closing your eyes slightly or walking around.  By doing this, the lesson studied will be remembered.

(5.)Some time should also be given for entertainment, this makes the mind light and refreshed and the mind gets ready to study again.

(6.)Study should not be selected instead of the full syllabus during the examination period, because there is not much time gap between the papers to study the full syllabus, because the course is not completed in a short time.

(7.)During the examination period, the notes prepared by oneself should be thoroughly studied.

(8.)Instead of waking up late at night, study should be done by sleeping early and waking up early in the morning.

(9.)Always keep positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts.Negativity should not be given place in the mind, that is, do not think in this way whether the address question paper will be difficult.I will not be able to solve the question paper.My test result will not be good.I will not remember what you read, etc.

(10.)Kohahal should be studied in a quiet environment and place, not studying in the place of noise and noise, if this is not possible, then you should study by sleeping early at night and getting up early in the morning.No matter how noisy there is, even in the morning there is a quiet atmosphere everywhere.

(11.)Must reach the examination hall half an hour before the scheduled time.Your admit card, PAN, pencil, etc. should be checked thoroughly before leaving the house.

(12.)Parents should also take care not to exert undue pressure on children, but to encourage children to effortlessly prepare for the examination and to make necessary cooperation.

(13.)Avoid unnecessary debate with friends and classmates.Use your time well because time is very important during the exam.  Each moment is important.Spending time wasted may miss studying the text and cause stress.

(14.) Lastly, have full faith and self-confidence in God and meditate on God for some time, by doing this, we get spiritual peace, self-confidence increases and our work is born.

10.New Examination Pattern Of Mathematics

The paper will be of 3 hours according to the new exam pattern.The paper will have 36 questions which will be divided into four sections A, B, C, D.  Section A will be of 20 questions and all will have 1-1 numbers.

Updated: 03 Oct 2019

CBSE 12th Maths Sample Paper 2020: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced a new exam pattern for Maths of 12th.According to this, 20 numbers will be practical or project work, while Ritten exam will be 80 numbers instead of 100.The paper will be of 3 hours according to the new exam pattern.The paper will have 36 questions which will be divided into four sections A, B, C, D.

Section A will be of 20 questions and all will have 1-1 numbers.Section B will be of 6 questions and all will have 2 numbers.  At the same time, section C will also have 6 questions and all will have 4 numbers while section D will be of 4 questions and all will be 6 numbers.

Important tips for Maths exam:

Learn the basics of Maths, it is very important to understand the basics of Maths.If your basic is correct, then you will solve any kind of question.In this case, take special care of this matter.

Complete the syllabus

Focus on completing the entire syllabus at least two months before the exam so that you get enough time for revision and mock test.Completing syllabus is the most important factor because sometimes it happens that such questions come into the exam, which you do not expect.

Give at least half an hour on maths every day

Practice maths at least half an hour every day.Every subject needs to be given full time, so if you spend half an hour on each subject, you will be able to comfortably complete the entire syllabus of every subject.

Try more in the topics that are weak

It is very important to focus on the topics or concepts in which you are feeling weak.  Read the topics that you think are less interesting and then follow them in which you are interested.

Solve mock test

Before the exam, try to solve more sample papers of Maths.This will not make it difficult for you to manage the time during the board exam.

Read the questions carefully

It is very important to understand the question at the time of exam.Sometimes the answers to the questions are hidden in the questions.Not only this, try to solve easy questions in advance.This will boost your morals and give you more time for tough questions.

CBSE 10th Board Exam 2020: Basic Mathematics a Hit, Shares Mass Enrollment Trends in Schools


Updated Oct 08, 2019

CBSE 10th Board Exam 2020: Basic Math option a hit and Tips for Exam

11.CBSE 10th Board Exam 2020: Major Enrollment in Basic Maths-

CBSE Board Exam 2020 LOCs have been filed.The schools are reported to have selected a large number of students for the newly introduced option of Basic Maths in Class 10 board exams.(Report good).CBSE 10th Board Exam 2020: Large Enrollment in Basic Maths

CBSE 10th Board Exam 2020: Large Enrollment in Basic Mathematics.

Central Board of Secondary Education, from this year, CBSE has introduced basic mathematics option for CBSE 10th board exam 2020.Keeping in mind the feedback received by the board over the years, the board this year provided an option to opt for a simpler paper for all those who do not wish to continue the subject in higher secondary classes.According to reports received from schools, the subject or option of basic mathematics is a massive hit.

Although the exact number of students enrolled for the basic mathematics option is not known, many schools have reported that 50% of 10th grade students have chosen to go with the option.Speaking to Times Now, a senior teacher at a prestigious school in Delhi NCR indicated the rising trend of students dropping out of mathematics.

 Basic maths were the favorite subjects.  Even students who did not have a genuine concern about the subject chose to go with basic mathematics because they are certain that they do not want to continue mathematics in 11th and 12th grade.  Choosing basic mathematics will ensure that they have a high total in board exams!  “

Another teacher claimed a similar trend.  Both students and parents have requested to go with basic mathematics rather than the standard math version of the subject.”This is not a savory trend.Many parents have asked for Basic Mathematics as they will be able to try the standard Mathematics that the child wants in the July Compartment Exam!  “

Experts are divided on the outcome.One section of teachers believes that the basic math option is setting a bad precedent, while another believes that it is a step towards better examination standards in the country.  Related: CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020: Experts Analyze Sample Papers for Basic and Standard Mathematics – Share the Difference

“I am not against the idea of ​​giving students the power of choice.However, I worry about the increased number of students exiting the subject.As a teacher, I see that students are not trying… this is worrying!  “A senior teacher said.

Basic Mathematics option a hit and Tips for Exam in New Pattern in CBSE 10th Board Exam 2020

Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern
Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern

Another accused the schools of pushing students towards basic mathematics.  “Whereas the choice of choosing basic or standard with students or parents is not an attempt.It seems like a god for them to improve their overall result in basic math board exams!  “

On the contrary, many experts have taken the step as a step towards improving the examination standards.“The choice of basic mathematics is a definite step towards improving the overall examination standards of the country.For so long, India has been using the same yardstick to measure students’ ability.This is the first time the board has taken cognizance of the fact that not all children are equal.Basic Math frees students from the immense stress of trying to match others!  “

 The CBSE board examination will start from February 2020.From this year, CBSE has implemented a basic mathematics option for students.The syllabus of the subject remains the same.However, basic mathematics will be much simpler than standard mathematics question paper.

12.The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has this time divided Maths into two levels – Basic and Standard for Class X.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has divided Maths from this session into two levels – Basic and Standard this time for Class X.The Board has also said that students do not choose Mathematics in Class XI if they do not give Standard Mathematics paper.will not be able.  Its specialty will be that students who have to study Mathematics in Intermediate will study Basic Mathematics from this session in class 10th.With this, you will not be able to take Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Intermediate.From this session, only students who take standard math in class 10 will be able to study maths in intermediate.  This has been done because students failed in large numbers in mathematics.Exam forms will be filled by 30 September.Only after this the situation will be clear.CBSE clarified that syllabus of mathematics will not change.The syllabus will be the same, but the default level of the right paper will change.Basic math paper will be easy, high level of standard math paper and concept will be based.Therefore, Byrd has suggested that Week Students in Maths should choose Basic.

13.Counseling of students for focus was also done

According to the CBSE, students have also been counseled to remain the focus on standard maths, as maths plays an important role in fighting competition.  Banking sector or MBA, these are questions of General Maths.According to experts, students should remain focused on standard math for the future.At the same time, the second aspect is also that students are not being failed from 1st to 8th class.  Hence Maths is divided into two parts.

We learnt about Mathematics Tips for Examination in New Pattern.

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