Math students Will Study by Digital Board

1.Introduction to Math students Will Study by Digital Board,Students of science and mathematics will be able to study through digital board-

Math students Will Study by Digital Board
Math students Will Study by Digital Board

Math students Will Study by Digital Board,Students of science and mathematics will be able to study through digital board, we will learn above topic.

Today, increasing scientific and technological influence has completely changed the outlook of human beings.  Society has started using science and technology in every sphere of life.  The effect of this increasing technology is the use of technology in education, which is called educational technology.

Today in the field of education, the use of latest teaching machines, radio, Doordarshan, tape recorder, gramophone, computer, laboratory, teaching by satellites etc. has mechanized the education process.  Using these, an influential teacher can benefit the largest group of students with their knowledge and skills.  Thus educational technology is a science based on which technical methods are created to achieve the goals of education.  The term educational technology is made up of two words education and technology.  Before understanding educational technology, it is necessary to understand education and technology separately.

2.Nature of Education-

Education makes human life civilized and cultured.  Education is the ornament of human life, education is speed, education is development, education is life force.  It provides a special support for different age groups, people of different ages.  Education is a great balance for the youth, very satisfying for the old, rich for the poor and ornament for the rich.  Education literally means to pursue or develop.  In this way, education means to develop the child’s innate powers from the inside out.  Education consciously or unconsciously adapts to the physical, social and spiritual environment as needed keeping in mind the personal interests, habits, abilities, abilities and social ideals and needs of the student.

3.Technical Meaning –

Technical science is used in art.  Thus, the basis of technology is science and its task is to develop experimental art.  Science refers to the specific knowledge that provides systematic knowledge of an object in such a way that human self attains by testing and experience.  As much as science has encouraged creativity and creation, it has become possible only through technology.  Science and technology are related to each other.  Science tells us why one should know something and technology makes it clear how to know that object and theory.  In other words, science emphasizes the theoretical side while technology emphasizes the practical side.  Therefore it is very important to impart technical knowledge along with science.

Educational technology has started to mechanize the learning processes, as machines have been invented in the scientific era, they have also been used in the field of education.  The use of these machines in education is mainly seen in three forms –

(1.) Accumulate with knowledge –

Printing machines were invented in the scientific era, before it was difficult to store the contents of each subject and store it safely.  Most of the knowledge was used to be memorized but by the use of machines, knowledge was given the form of a book and kept in libraries.  The teacher’s language style and content began to be accumulated through gestures, videos, films, and gestures that could be used as needed.

(2.) Spread knowledge-

Today through education machines, radio, Doordarshan, correspondence-courses, in collaboration with open universities and schools, it is being spread even in far-flung areas.  Education technology has provided an opportunity for all students to learn in their own way using language laboratory, computer based teaching machines.

(3.) Developing knowledge –

In the modern era, scientific research works are being given more importance.  In research work, compiling and analyzing data is the main task.  For this, computers, electronic calculators and electric machines are used.  Similarly, the invention of photostat machines enables the researcher to collect topics from various books.

4.Mathematics Education by Digital Board by Digital Board-

Till now, teaching machines like radio, tape recorder, gramophone, television, projector, slides, computer, closed circuit television, electronic video tape etc. have been used.  These have been increasingly used by Open Schools, Open Universities, Correspondence Courses.  But now new direction is being given to teaching technology by using digital board for mathematics education.  Actually education can meet the needs of modern age only by promoting progressive, innovative and innovative trends of education.  Teaching through computer will be shown on the digital board and through this a large group can be taught mathematics.  The course will also be digital which will be in the form of video and voice.  In fact, if the nature of education is dynamic and innovative, then that education becomes alive.  Change is the law of life.  This change is not only limited to nature but society is also undergoing change.  Old beliefs are being replaced by new beliefs.  Ancient ideas are going and new ideas and experiments are coming.  Old values ​​are being replaced by new values.  If water is stable then it will be rotten.  The flow of water will continue, that is, if the new water replaces the old water then the water will remain pure.  Similarly, a society which wants to remain in a stable, stable state, does not accept new ideas, it cannot survive.  Society gets new life by accepting new ideas.  He has new vigor and always occupies the leading position.

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5.Math students Will Study by Digital Board,Students of science and mathematics will be able to study through digital board-

Math students Will Study by Digital Board
Math students Will Study by Digital Board

Students of science and mathematics in 10 districts of the state will now be able to study through digital board.

Students of Mathematics will be Able to Study Through Digital Board

here Jind.  Children of ninth to twelfth grade of 150 government schools of the state will now study in a digital way.  For this, in the first phase by the Department of Education, digital boards will be installed in those government schools where science and mathematics are being taught in English Medium.  Its curriculum will also be digital.  The entire course will run on digital board through video and vice.  Children can easily see in it.

A tender has been issued by the Department of Education to the agency to set up a digital board.  Soon the boarding of these 150 government schools will be completed.  Necessary courses are also being prepared by the department for teaching from digital board.  This course will be in video format.  This will help the students of government schools in the district to understand the related subjects.  There are also 14 schools in Jind district in which these digital boards will be installed.  These digital boards will be installed in government schools for science and maths students from class 9th to 12th.

Department issued tender

The department has issued a tender to install digital boards in selected government schools.  These boards will be installed in 14 schools in Jind district while in 150 government schools in 10 districts across the state.  This will benefit students of science and mathematics.

-Radhir Lohan, District Science Specialist, Jind

Digital boards will be installed in these schools of Jind district

(1.)Government Senior Secondary School Nidani

(2.)Government Senior Secondary School Dalamwala

(3.)Government Senior Secondary School Defense Colony Jind

(4.)Government Senior Secondary School Malvi

(5.)Government Senior Secondary School Badarpur

(6.)Government Senior Secondary School Jind

(7.)Government High School Children’s Ashram

(8.)Government Senior Secondary School Narwana

(9.)Government Girls Senior Secondary School Narwana

(10.)Government Girls Senior Secondary School Uchana Mandi

(11.)Government Senior Secondary School Julana

(12.)Government Girls Senior Secondary School Safidon

(13.)Government Senior Secondary School Pillukheda

(14.)Government Senior Secondary School Safidon

We have learnt about Math students Will Study by Digital Board,Students of science and mathematics will be able to study through digital board.

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