How Students Can Improve Skills Through Mathematics Project?

How Students Can Improve Skills Through Mathematics Project?-

How Students Can Improve Skills Through Mathematics Project,in this article we will learn above the topic.

1.Math model competition-

How Students Can Improve Skills Through Mathematics Project?
How Students Can Improve Skills Through Mathematics Project?

Students have a tendency towards creativity.  This creativity can be used to model mathematics.Competition should be organized for the students of the class on projects related to the subject of mathematics.Students will be able to demonstrate and create models related to mathematics in the competition.This will increase interest in students towards mathematics.It will help in improving their skills.In the competition, models related to theorems, equations, formulas, principles etc. should be prepared and presented.  Students who have a good model should be selected and honored and praised for their good model.This will increase the students’ interest in mathematics as well as inspire them.
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2.Inauguration of scientist inside students-

Model competition will inspire students to do something different and innovate.  Model competition can be a good tool to improve the mathematical talent within the students.  The scientist develops inside the students.  The curiosity to do some innovative research arises.  Seeing different students’ models, they learn from each other and get inspiration from each other to make the best model.

3.Memory lasts-

How Students Can Improve Skills Through Mathematics Project?
How Students Can Improve Skills Through Mathematics Project?

How Students can improve skills through Mathematics Project If the student uses the math suffixes in the model, they are remembered by the students throughout the lifetime model.The principles, equations and models of questions that have been prepared do not need to be rote.  This type of organization gives results in the interest of students.The memory of the students becomes permanent.While students remember by rote, they forget after some time.But through creativity and model, the questions do not have to be crammed and the questions are remembered throughout life.
4.Current math teaching status-
All the students are taught in the class by the same method while the mental status, ability of each student varies.The teacher is not able to pay attention to each student individually.Therefore, this type of education focuses on knowledge rather than child centered.Individual skills of students can be developed through model competition.  Students prepare mathematics models according to their ability and ability.  Instructions can be given to improve them.  Therefore, model competition should be promoted in educational institutions so that their individual talent can be enhanced.  This can be a good means of improving mathematical talent.
The biggest proof that students are afraid of mathematics was found when the CBSE board did two math papers in the second year, when students selected one paper from both papers.There are two mathematics papers – Basic Math and Standard Math.  Students had to choose any one of these papers.Difficulty level of basic math paper was simpler than standard math paper.  Students who have given basic math paper cannot choose elective mathematics to continue further studies and only students who have given standard math paper can choose mathematics further.Students taking Basic Math, if they want to choose Mathematics subject further, they will have to provide standard Math paper with compartment.Similarly, if students who take the standard math test fail, then they can give basic math paper along with compartment.Despite making such an alternative arrangement, about 70% of the students have opted for Basic Math due to fear of results being spoiled.This situation is not good for teachers, students and us.  Therefore, to overcome and simplify the fear of mathematics, creative events like model competition should be organized and the mindset of the students should be changed so that the fear of mathematics can be overcome in the students and the interest of mathematics can be aroused.
We learnt about How Students Can Improve Skills Through Mathematics Project.

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