Growing Importance of STEM Education

Growing Importance of STEM Education-

Growing Importance of STEM Education

Growing Importance of STEM Education

nullGrowing Importance of STEM Education,we will read above topic.

It has been mentioned in this article that the trend and interest of youth in STEM i.e. S-SCIENCE, T-TECHNOLOGY, E-ENGINEERING, M-MATHEMATICS is increasing and there are opportunities to grow in the next years.  The reason for the growth in these areas is –

1.Increase in physical amenities –

Ever since the importance of Science and Mathematics subjects has become known and the amenities are increasing for the people, then the attraction of youth on this side is increasing.  Due to new fields, jobs are being generated and attractive salaries are received, along with new discoveries, people are getting more than one facilities which spreads the fame of youth.  In this way fame spreads with wealth, it is natural that the attraction of youth will increase on that side.

New discoveries in science and mathematics have completely changed our lifestyle, way of life and routine.  The development of technology has added four moons to it.  If a new discovery and new product comes in the market today, it is not known how long it will last, it cannot be said.  Human nature towards new thing is that there is attraction towards it, so if anything comes in the market, people take it immediately.

2.Education availability-

As the level and field of education continues to grow, the trend towards education of people is increasing.  Today, schools with physical amenities are being opened in every city, every village everywhere.  It becomes easier to get education in STEM if the institutes to acquire education are available with you.  Due to the availability of public and convent schools and fierce competition, every person wants to get his children educated in good and good subjects.  Therefore, as the field of STEM is increasing, the interest of the people towards getting education in STEM is increasing.

3.Job availability-

Due to the development of technology and mathematics and science, new fields are being opened, due to which the growth rate of getting jobs in them is increasing.  Today, for any post in government and private institutions, jobs should be required; Mathematics and computer examinations have become necessary, so people’s trend towards STEM is increasing.  Today, the rate at which the population is increasing, unemployment is increasing at the same rate.  But due to rapid development in these STEM areas, new areas are opening up, so the percentage of getting jobs in them is also increasing.  Every human has the hope of getting their children to get jobs in them instead of traditional business, so there is an increase in these areas.

4.Connection with common man-

Today every person, whether educated or not, will have a mobile, computer.  In such a situation when communication and other facilities are available to the common man at cheap prices, by the way, they are becoming an essential part of the common man.  When the thing becomes an essential part of the life of the common man, then the tendency of people in that area increases.  Therefore, growth in these areas is continuously increasing.  People connected with these areas become very essential day by day, and people become more and more, due to which progress is being made in these areas.

5.Promotion by government and private institutions-

Growing Importance of STEM Education

Growing Importance of STEM Education

The government and private institutions also cooperate in these areas.  Progress in these areas is increasing by providing facilities to new factories and companies.  When the government and private institutions promote an area, the interest of people and youth in it increases.  With the end of the license era and the companies easily help the government to expand its territory, then the companies increase their business there because they benefit from it.  Employment opportunities arise.

6.Relationship to development-

Today, as much as the country is advanced in technology and science, mathematics, there is no shortage of education, electricity, water, employment, industry and health services.  If the country has these facilities, then the common man and the country will benefit.  People of that country and the country will progress.  However, there is a need for peace with these facilities as these facilities can increase the happiness and prosperity of human beings, but they cannot bring peace.  These comforts have nothing to do with peace and contentment.

When the basic and primary amenities of the people are resolved, then these areas increase.  We have given some reasons for the steady increase in STEM, but there can be other reasons as well, due to which there is a steady increase in STEM areas.  There is a possibility of steady growth in these areas in the near future.  Therefore, the curiosity and interest of youth to join them for the happiness, prosperity and material progress is increasing constantly.

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7.Growing Importance of STEM Education-

The increasing importance of STEM education is an increase in employment opportunities in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) sectors, increasing the popularity of courses in these domains among K-12 students globally.  Students opting for these courses are seeking tuition outside of regular classes, to be able to clear competitive examinations to secure admission to prestigious universities and colleges.  This, in turn, will help them in securing STEM related jobs in reputed organizations and institutions. Therefore, the increasing importance of STEM education and the increasing number of K-12 students will expand the global K-12 online tutoring market at a CAGR of around 12% during the forecast period.

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Country-level analysis integrates the demand and supply forces that are influencing the growth of the K-12 online tutoring market.

Competitive landscape of the major players with market share, with the major strategies adopted for growth in the last five years.

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