German Student are Falling Behind in Math

1.Introduction to German Student are Falling Behind in Math,German students are falling behind in Mathematics and science-

German Student are Falling Behind in Math
German Student are Falling Behind in Math

German Student are Falling Behind in Math,German students are falling behind in Mathematics and science, we will read above topic in this article.

It has been told in this article that students are lagging behind in mathematics and science in Germany.  Students are not doing as well as they were doing in previous years.  When the performance degradation test was done in the students, it has been found that the reason for this was found to be the lack of positivity in those students i.e. negativity was found towards these subjects.

Positivity is required for subjects like mathematics and science.  Mathematics and science subjects seem relatively difficult compared to other subjects.  There is a lack of qualified teachers to teach these subjects.  The most fundamental reason is that if you are completely cut off from moral and spiritual issues, then negativity enters life.  Spirituality brings positivity in our lives.  Positivity means that always see and accept and follow the good aspect of any event and keep yourself ready for negative results.  This does not mean tolerating injustice and tyranny and not opposing it.

Both types of things are found in a human being, ie good and evil.  We can develop the side we want to develop.  Difficulties and difficulties are faced by the students, then the student tries to find a solution but he or she cannot solve some or many of the problems for which he / she needs guidance.  If the teacher is competent and virtuous, then the student will try to develop positive aspects.  For subjects like Mathematics, Science, a qualified and ethical teacher is also needed because Mathematics and Science is not like a storytelling which can be read by itself.  To teach mathematics one has to awaken interest and curiosity in mathematics.  Interest and curiosity in any subject is awakened only when solutions to the problems coming in that subject are found at the appropriate time.  The second way is how important that subject is in our lives.  If the importance of mathematics is understood in our life, then there will be interest and curiosity in mathematics and we will try to work more hard in it.  The third way is how much the subject of mathematics is related to our job i.e. through mathematics, it helps us to choose business, even then interest and curiosity in mathematics will be awakened.  The fourth way is if we choose mathematics as our domain.  The fifth way is towards which subject of common people is our interest and curiosity still increases.  In these ways we begin to see positivity in mathematics.

2.Override by Mathematics Teachers-

One of the reasons for falling behind in mathematics is that teachers are not interested in improving the talent of students in mathematics.  They teach students the traditional way.  Teachers who are hard working and talented, recognize and refine the kind of talent that students possess.  They do not consider teaching as mere business and consider it as worship and sacrifice.The students of such teachers spread the fame of teachers, parents, society and nation.Such teachers give them the right direction step by step which they go forward to become promising, talented.  Therefore, teachers should be selected in the teaching profession who are interested in teaching and the candidates should also choose the teaching profession only when they are interested in teaching.

 In all countries, not only in Germany, it can lag behind mathematics and science.  Therefore, the cause of the students’ decline in mathematics should be ascertained and corrected.  In our view, there may be reasons behind the decline in mathematics and science – the lack of students in mathematics, due to the development of technology and computers, the trend of talented students towards computer science, the math problems of students are not solved, by teachers  Students not able to solve math problems or not interested in solving.  Parents, parents and teachers should not be conscious of mathematics related talent and do not cooperate in improving their talent and abilities.  This leads to the entry of negativity into students rather than positivity and the student falls behind in mathematics and science.  If these reasons are overcome, there is no reason that students in mathematics will fall behind.

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3.German Student are Falling Behind in Math,German students are falling behind in Mathematics and science-

German Student are Falling Behind in Math
German Student are Falling Behind in Math

According to a new study, students in Germany are not doing as well in 2012 in mathematics and science.  A negative trend was most visible in the eastern states.

 Students studying at a table

A study of ninth grade students (typically 14- and 15-year-olds) across Germany reported a marked decline in math and natural science scores between 2012 and 2018.

About 45,000 students from 1,460 schools were part of the survey, which was released on Friday by the Institute for Quality Development in Education (IQB) in Berlin.

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The IQB noted that although overall results for 2018 were stable, there was an “unfavorable trend” in mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics.  It said the decline in performance was evident in most states, but particularly those in the east of the country.

“We have hardly recorded any positive trends,” said Petra Stantt of IQB, who led the study.

Researchers said students in the states of Brandenburg, Saxony-Enamel, Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, Rhineland-Palatine and Schleswig-Holstein performed poorly compared to other parts of the country.

25% underperforming in maths

The study found that one out of every four ninth grade students failed to reach the minimum math level required for the Middle School Leaving Certificate (MSA) last year.  But about 45% managed to create a higher regulatory standard.

In biology, chemistry and physics, 5–17% of students failed to reach the minimum standard.

Five former East German states achieved top marks in mathematics and science in 2012, but the standard there has since dropped, or been above, with the exception of the national average – Saxony.

According to the study, the eastern states, with Bavaria in the south, have a higher number of high-achieving math and science students than other parts of the country.

 Assuming that they are not held back a year at some stage, German children are usually 15 by the end of ninth grade.

In this article we have read about German Student are Falling Behind in Math,German students are falling behind in Mathematics and science.

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