Children who enjoy math come out ahead

1.Introduction to Children who enjoy math come out ahead,Children who enjoy math come out ahead & get high academic achievement-

Children who enjoy math come out ahead
Children who enjoy math come out ahead

Children who enjoy math come out ahead,Children who enjoy math come out ahead & get high academic achievement,we will read about above topic.

It has been shown in this research that when students learn mathematics with a curiosity and curiosity, they get higher academic qualification in mathematics.  By working with interest, our senses are united and engrossed in doing that work, which increases our concentration and helps us solve math problems more efficiently.  Out of curiosity, we generate interest in solving new problems in mathematics and experience joy when we solve them.  As we solve problems, we feel happy in it.  Overall, it can be said that if we have positivity in solving problems related to mathematics, then we will go ahead and by solving problems related to mathematics, our knowledge will increase and our development will continue.  With the positiveness, all the senses of our body and all the power are used to solve any problem of mathematics.

In the early period of life, ie, intellect and wisdom have not matured in puberty, therefore, boys and girls tend to move towards vicious tendencies and sexual issues due to maladministration or bad environment.  Can not be done.  The unfortunate situation is that most of the boys and girls are exposed to viviparous and sexual subjects and gradually they move towards wrong direction.

Our sage Muni was a great visionary and a psychologist, when he insisted on following satsang, swadhyaya and good conduct since childhood.  But it is the sacrifice of the modern era that all these things are being omitted from our lives. Therefore, there is a need to improve a lot in the kind of time and conditions.  We need to take both the direction and condition of boys and girls to the right side.  For this, parents, guardians, gurus and all of us should conduct ourselves in such a manner that they are taught to follow good conduct and should not do such an act which promotes negativity and bad tendencies in them.  Boys and girls learn only by observing our behavior.  Conduct has more of an effect than a sermon.  This research also proves that because of positive qualities like interest, curiosity and happiness, boys and girls get higher educational qualification in Mathematics and by indulging in despair, anxiety, boredom, viviparies and sexuality, we enter into negativity.  is.  Our power becomes fragmented, that is, it gets divided, so such boys and girls lag behind in mathematics.

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2.Children who enjoy math come out ahead,Children who enjoy math come out ahead & they get high educational achievements (Children Who Enjoy Math Come out Ahead and Get High Academic Achievement)-

12 February 2017


Scientists have found in one of their research that children who are interested in the study of mathematics and get better marks in it achieve higher academic achievements.  Scientists also found in their research that positive emotions and success in mathematics study reinforce each other.

Scientists have found that students’ learning instincts and knowledge-related performances are influenced by emotional reactions such as happiness, anxiety and boredom during studies.

Researchers at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit├Ąt (LMU) in Munich, Germany, found that students’ emotions in school context are linked to their achievement.

This study was focused on achievement in mathematics which is not only important for education and economic productivity, but it is also known for quick strong emotional reactions in students.

Reinhard Peckrun, professor at LMU Munich and Australian Catholic University, said that we found that year by year emotions affect students’ math achievement.

Pekarun, who led the study, said that not only the more efficient students get better grades and good marks in the exam, but the students who are interested in studying mathematics also get better achievement.

He said that students who have anger, anxiety, shame, boredom or hopelessness get less success.  This research was done under the Project for Analysis of Learning and Achievement in Mathematics (PALMA).  Stephanie Leishtenfeld of LMU said that the feelings of students who performed successfully in mathematics are positive.

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