AIMS organize colloquium for PhD in Math

1.Introduction to AIMS organize colloquium for PhD in Math,AIMS Ghana organizes colloquium for PhD students in Mathematics-

AIMS organize colloquium for PhD in Math
AIMS organize colloquium for PhD in Math

AIMS organize colloquium for PhD in Math,AIMS Ghana organizes colloquium for PhD students in Mathematics,we will read above topic.

It is stated in this article that candidates doing PhD in Mathematics should use negotiation.  Talk opens the closed doors of our brain.  Negotiations benefit from each other’s experiences.  Our scope is not narrowed and expanded.  In debate, man tries to prove himself superior to each other. In debate, one side wins and one side loses.  The winning side creates a feeling of arrogance and the losing side creates jealousy which leads to a feeling of revenge.  Therefore, it is appropriate if the AIMS of Ghana i.e. African Institute for Mathematical Sciences decided to use dialogue to do research in mathematics (PHD) but the purpose of negotiation should be justified.

In the modern era, man appears active on social media, but in real life he is falling alone.  Remains lost in the world of internet and social media.  It is not wrong to use internet and social media, but its effect should be visible in real life as well.  When we exchange ideas with each other, new things and new directions are known.  Dialogue was of great importance in ancient times.  Talk has importance not only in the research of mathematics, but in real-life relationships, dialogue also has importance.  The bitterness fades, the interaction with each other increases.

In modern education, more emphasis is placed on the theoretical side and conduct is not emphasized. The bridge to link theory and practice is dialogue.  Through dialogue we can learn about the practical and useful aspects of mathematics.  What is the importance of mathematics in daily life and how it can be used, we get to know and exchange each other’s thoughts.  When we do research on a subject in mathematics, we have knowledge of only one aspect of it, but through dialogue we also have knowledge of other aspects of the research topic.  Therefore, AIMS has incorporated dialogue i.e. talk for PHD. It is only appropriate that if it is used with good purpose and good feeling then it can prove very useful and valuable for us.

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2.AIMS organize colloquium for PhD in Math,AIMS Ghana organizes colloquium for PhD students in Mathematics-

AIMS organize colloquium for PhD in Math
AIMS organize colloquium for PhD in Math

Accra, 12 November, GNA – The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Ghana has held its first colloquium for PhD candidates in Mathematics and its applications (CMiA).

The four-day colloquial seeks to provide a supportive and creative environment where PhD students can present their research in progress and increase collaboration between researchers for open discussion guided by a panel of experienced researchers.

The colloquium is being organized in collaboration with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the German Ministry of Education and Research and the German Educational Exchange Service (DAAD) within the framework of the German Research Chair Program.

Speaking in an interview to Ghana’s News Agency (GNA), Academic Director of AIIMS Ghana, Professor Francis Oduro said that the university’s vision is to lead Africa’s transformation through the use of mathematical sciences.

He said that it has been found that the continent’s development failure was largely due to the fact that its people were not able to deploy the tools of mathematical science to advance science technology engineering and mathematics.

Prof Oduro said that currently AIMS Ghana was running a Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematical Sciences program.

He said that the African Master was also running in AIMS Ghana Machine Intelligence.

“What we are doing to cover the research has been expanded;  State-of-the-art research that has an impact on African development.  “

Prof. Emmanuel K. Essell, Head of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Cape Coast, said that colloquially will help students understand what they need to do to become a successful PhD student as well as being able to publish in good journals  .

Prof. Essel, who colloquially included a panel of experienced researchers, noted that PhD candidates were needed for the historical background of the topic they wanted to work on, to ensure that it was published elsewhere than before.  Did not happen.

Professor Olivier Menokeau Pamen, a German Research Chair at AIMS Ghana, also told GNA that the goal of the event was to bring together PhD candidates from various universities in West Africa, to discuss their proposal and what they would like to do.  .  just started.

He said that the first session of the talk highlighted how to write a research paper, which had very good critics in the sense that the candidates were happy because it told what to do and what not to do.

Prof. Pamen said that the incident created an opportunity to respond and that it would help him improve the quality of his proposal as well as improve the outcome of his research.

PhD student Mr. William Ayeh said that he was working on a disease with a greater emphasis on the transmission of schistosomiasis using mathematical methods.

He said, “It’s about finding a way to identify infection trends for these diseases and then find out the original reproduction number and then consider how we can decide to curb the condition.”  . “

Mr. Ayah stated that this is a proposal he is trying to initiate, eg, receiving feedback from fellow students and experienced researchers was laudable.

In this article we have read about AIMS organize colloquium for PhD in Math,AIMS Ghana organizes colloquium for PhD students in Mathematics.

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