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Increase brain capacity by electric shock

Written By satyam coaching centre on Tuesday, 19 May 2020 | 15:44

1.Increase brain capacity by electric shock-

increase brain capacity by electric shock

Increase brain capacity by electric shock

Increase brain capacity by electric shock ,According to research published in Current Biology, according to neuroscientists at the University of Oxford, it has been proven that giving a slight electric shock (1ma) to the brain in a particular direction can increase mathematical abilities. Doctor Cohen Kadosh and his team The permanent damage to mathematics can be overcome by a slight setback in the research conducted by. In this research 15 students aged 20 to 21 were included. Students were taught symbols representing different numbers. It was then seen how quickly one could solve the puzzles based on it. This was followed by a slight electric shock to the rear of the students' brain from right to left and some from left to right. After this it was found that students who received an electric shock from right to left had an unprecedented increase in mathematical ability. While the students who got electric shock in the left to right direction had mathematical ability like 6 year olds. Normally when we find solutions to mathematical problems or are told by the teacher, our brain gradually becomes inactive. But solving any mathematical ability does not solve it and we will repeatedly stress the brain Then the brain becomes more active and we solve complex mathematical problems. If you find this information interesting and informative, then share this math article with your friends. If you have come to this website for the first time, then follow the website and also follow the email subscription so that you can get notification of the new article. If you like the article, then share and like it with your friends so that they also benefit. If you have any problem or want to give any suggestion, then comment and tell O Read this article completely.

2.Ants to learn math for learning arithmetic-

Big mathematicians lose their sweat in solving complex math questions. A study has revealed that ants can solve those complex problems and help computer scientists develop better software. According to the Journal and Experimental Biology, an international team has found that ants are capable of solving complex mathematical puzzles. Cheats are also able to solve problems that can make one-off computer algorithms. Scientists investigated using a new technology and transformed the difficult mathematical puzzle Towers of Hanoi into a maze to see if ants could solve the dynamic optimization problem. University of Sydney researcher Chris Reid Said nature-inspired computer algorithms often do not represent the real world because they are static and one-of-a-kind problems. Designs are designed to solve problems. However, nature is full of unexpected things and one solution may not be suitable for all problems. So we turned to the ants to see how their skills reacted to the problem solving problems. Scientists tried to investigate ants using the three-rod and three-disc version of the Towers of Hanoi puzzle. Under this puzzle, players have to move the disc between the rads. During this time some rules have to be followed and some possible steps have to be used. The ants cannot move the disk around so they turn it into a maze. The shortest path is like a plow. Ants can select 32768 possible routes at the entry point of the maze to gain a source at the other end. Only two paths are the shortest, so this is the best solution. Also read this article-what is the need for innovation in maths education?


How to increase brain capacity by electric shock?

Increase brain capacity by electric shock

There is a very old tradition in Indian religious texts that if man wants to learn, then he can learn from animals and birds. One has to use his discretion to learn. The inner sense of knowledge is present in every person. But the conscience needs to be free from work, anger etc. If it is necessary to do spiritual practice to unify the transfer, such a person can learn mathematics, religion and spirituality not only from every person but also by seeing the nature of animals and birds. To develop and enhance our mathematical ability, it has been suggested by both these examples that we can increase our mathematical ability to a great extent. We have not given an example of electric shock because you too can increase your mathematical ability by eating electric shock. This example means that in our view, our brain becomes highly active when we put a little pressure on the brain and we are complex Are able to solve complex mathematical problems. When we find the problems of mathematics solved, our brain becomes inactive. This does not mean that we should solve all math problems on our own. The capacity of the brain can be increased to a limit and when we do not find a solution to any math problem and do not solve it even by putting a little pressure on the brain, it is because every human and student's ability, ability is different - It is different. Every human and student is not able to solve every mathematical problem. Trying to solve a mathematical problem and insisting on the mind does not solve it, then we need guidance. If we do not find a solution to the problem of mathematics at this stage, then we get frustrated and frustrated and in such a situation we start to hate mathematics, fear of mathematics. To avoid this situation, we have to be guided by the teacher. Is required. Similarly, we can learn from the ant that the ant continues to work hard without being tired. It takes hard work, perseverance, enthusiasm and patience to turn the complexity of mathematics into simplicity. In this example, it is explained by the ant that the ant chooses the shortest path on the strength of hard work and practice. Similarly man and student need no special training but mathematics on the strength of hard work and practice. Can make it simple, this is the training work for that. It does not take as much time to solve it initially, but later it takes less time Is not only able to solve mathematical problems becomes smaller Kuska route. He can solve mathematical problems only by the shortest path. Also read this article-how to make India a leading country in mathematics? Similarly, if there are many examples in life, if we discuss them judiciously, then we will get a glimpse of the solution of some math problem, but to find the solution of the math problem in those things and events of nature, we have to find our wisdom and intelligence. Will have to be used. As long as we depend on others and solve the problem of mathematics on the strength of others, we remain dependent. It does not develop our own talent. We need to use our intelligence to hone our intelligence and talent. Have to do. As we continue to use our intelligence and skills, we will continue to move forward. The events, objects, animals and birds that we learn from nature are tutor to us. We can take tuition from them. If we are alert, alert and attentive, then we can learn a lot from nature. If we can do this, then mathematics will not seem difficult to us but simple. If we need to open our mind and expand it. When we take, we will try to learn from the teacher in human form and on opening and expanding our mind, this whole nature will start to appear as a teacher.

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