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Lack Quality Education Makes Math Burden

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Lack Quality Education Makes Math Burden

1.Math subject is priceless

Lack Quality Education Makes Math Burden
Lack Quality Education Makes Math Burden
Mathematics is completely different from all other subjects. Math subject is unique, it cannot be compared to any other subject in any way. Students taking degrees and courses in mathematics have a different craze. Students studying Mathematics are respected in the society. The teacher of Mathematics is viewed more respectfully than the other subject. The subject of mathematics has an incredible contribution in the development of our personality. This subject has contributed significantly to the development of other subjects. As the subject of mathematics is considered useful in every subject, the subject of mathematics is being attached to other subjects. Today the situation is that subjects like Commerce Math, Arts Math have started being taken. Mathematics also has an important contribution in computer science. Hence the subject of mathematics is priceless.

2. The world of mathematics is different:-

Mathematics is such a subject that if it is read and solved with interest and curiosity, then display hero and anorexia can be zero. This subject increases our percentage in percentage as it is a practical subject and very good marks can be obtained in practical subject. If we remember the formulas of Mathematics, then up to the twelfth ie Senior Secondary class, we can easily pass with good marks. It does not have to be crammed like subjects like science, social science, political science. We can solve it easily based on the formulas. In this way, the world of mathematics is different from other subjects. Memorizing formulas makes it much easier and simpler. By writing the formulas in a small note book, you can remember whenever and wherever you want. Can be kept in a pocket with you.

3. Reason for lack of trends in Mathematics:-

There are several reasons for the decrease in trends in mathematics. The most important reason is that this subject cannot be solved by just reading and rote like other subjects. This requires continuous practice and guidance. The second reason is that parents and guardians prefer to teach their children in private educational institutions. The plantation of private educational institutions has arisen all around, which lacks qualified teachers. The main objective of most educational institutions is to make money, therefore their focus is not to provide quality education to the students, but their basic objective is to earn. The third reason is that most of the talented educated classes give preference to government services and after being selected in government services they do not have any effective control over them. They themselves do not provide quality education to the students on their own, this is the pattern of most teachers. There is a provision to pass the students till the 9th grade, in such a situation that while there is no barrier at all, it is the condition of the students that many students do not know the simple addition, multiplication, division, rest of the math and neither read English. If you can, then what will be their condition and what will be the future can be understood. However, the spirit behind passing the students was right to promote literacy. But to increase literacy, there are many other options like informal education, adult education, anganwadi programs, distance education, correspondence education etc. But there are many side effects of passing all till ninth grade that many students do not have even preliminary knowledge. When teachers do not understand any responsibility, then why should they teach, that is, what is stuck with them that they will teach. It is different from some teachers who perform their work honestly. Letting politicians shine their politics means what they have to do with education. If the education system is collapsing, education is flying, education is getting divided, the future of students is deteriorating, then why are they getting screwed in it, why should they buy such a headache, what education, education system And has taken the contract to improve the future of the students. When such a system is already in place, then which sehra they have to tie on their head. In this way, the future of education, education system and students is being divided, no one is going to ask anything and take responsibility. Even if a man is raising his voice against this system, who listens to the voice of the pot in the carnage, such a voice is suppressed, ignored, it is not heard.
The third reason is that the field of education is chosen by teachers or candidates who are not selected in the prestigious services like RAS, Engineering, Doctor, IFS etc. No matter how big a position is in the field of education, be it a professor, reader, lecturer or principal but they do not get prestige and rights in comparison to the above services.That is, teachers choose the business as normal candidates, in such a situation how can they be expected to provide high quality education. The fourth reason is the professionalization of education. Providing education as a business is not bad if full care is taken of the interest of the students ie providing quality education to them. Whereas the reality is that most of the educational institutes will have grand, beautiful buildings and physical facilities to attract parents and students. Instead of paying attention to providing quality education to them, only earn a hefty fee. That is, these educational institutions remain centers of earning. Not only is the educational institution responsible for this loot, but we are also responsible somewhere who are the participants of this loot and are letting the loot happen and quietly paying them a hefty fee. Aware of the future of students, attentive to their duties. The fifth reason is the lack of mathematics teachers in the proportion of students. 50 to 100 students are punched in the same class, so that the students are not able to solve personal problems in mathematics.

4. Math Preparation Tips :-

The subject of mathematics can be easily taught in sports, poetry and songs. Therefore, at the elementary level, students should be taught in sports and games, with the help of poetry and songs, so that students' interest and curiosity in mathematics can be aroused. Do not try to instill fear in students about mathematics. Do not say that mathematics is a very difficult subject, so focus more on it, rather remove the difficulties in mathematics and tell them that you could have done this if you had tried a little bit. Please explain and memorize the sources and theory. By making them remember by explaining, the solution of mathematics in memory remains more permanent and longer. Make a notebook to memorize the formulas of Mathematics and whenever and wherever you get the opportunity, read it again and again and remember the formulas. If anyone instills fear in you about mathematics, do not believe what you hear. Remember a subject is difficult until we repeat it again and again and do not practice it. Do not rely solely on notes and studies made by educational institutions. Prepare the notes you have made and also allow time for maths at home. If math questions are not being solved, seek help from your parents and guardians. If parents and guardians are illiterate or they do not have knowledge of mathematics, then seek cooperation from your elder brothers and sisters. If your elder brother is not a sister or does not know about mathematics, then seek help from your friends and teachers. Otherwise join coaching. Join the coaching institute only after proper investigation, otherwise your problems will not be solved there. There will be loss of your fees as well as your time. Always be with friends who encourage you and encourage you.
Lack Quality Education Makes Math Burden
Lack Quality Education Makes Math Burden
The student should renounce these eight things of work, anger, greed, taste, adornment, sports, spectacle, too much gold and excessive service. (Chanakya policy)
Kama, anger and greed are a hindrance in learning. In the Gita, they are called the gates of hell, that is, the gates of sorrow and fall. The meaning of the verse is as follows - Kama, anger, greed - these are the three gates of hell and destroy the soul. Therefore, all three should be left out. With regard to greed, the Yoga Vashistha states that "A little greed can destroy the pure Yash of the Yashwasis and the admirable qualities of the virtues in the same way as the small spot of leprosy = leprosy destroys the beloved form.
Taste - which has become entangled in eating and drinking, increases its interest in eating and drinking, which along with health also contaminates the mind and becomes disinterested with studies.
Dressing up fashion, watching movies, peeking, strolling, mind is corrupted, sensual tendencies arise in the mind, celibacy is broken and student's mind deviates from study. Students consuming these things are not interested in learning.
Prodigy - A student who destroys time in sports, playing cards, playing cards, chess, cannot study lore because he or she does not have time to study after spending time in these tasks. Excessive gold and excessive service is also a hindrance in learning.

5. Tips to get good marks in exam :-

Thus, in the following article we have mentioned the things to be followed in the examination, but are telling one or two things here and there. Instead of rote, understand and memorize the topic. Study and practice from the very beginning to get good marks. Do not leave the hard topic, but repeat it again and again. In the exam, first of all do simple questions, then do difficult questions. But if you have a difficult question which is not well prepared and has been read while leaving home, and the same question has come in the exam, first of all solve that difficult question because you remember the latest reading but One passes away for some time or does any other mental work.


The last thing is to do student tenacity and hard work, not to have fun and fun. Do not demand too much to provide physical facilities to your parents and guardians. Earning more material comforts does not lead to learning, but to study is a time of rigorous penance and meditation. If you follow these things, there is no reason why you will be weak in mathematics. Memorize and practice theoretical topic properly, make notes of it.
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