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How to Teach Effective Mathematics ?

Written By satyam coaching centre on Thursday, 30 April 2020 | 21:53

1.How to Teach Effective Mathematics? : -

How to Teach Effective Mathematics ?
How to Teach Effective Mathematics?
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(1.) The impact of mathematics, nature, psychology, philosophy, composition and architecture on teaching should be such that there is an increase in the creative thinking of the students.
(2.) To get an effective knowledge of the mathematics subject, the major components of the content should be presented separately to the students and the students should also be given training. Thereafter problems can be solved by synthesizing all the components based on the facts of the real circumstances of life.
(3.) Mathematics should not be taught only as facts and formulas. This subject should be presented as a science in which the relationship between facts is shown and there is a useful demonstration of the order and importance of the facts.
(4.) Mathematics should not be attempted to be taught through abbreviated methods. The development of self-reliance in students and the ability to recognize the beauty and power of mathematics through effective methods should be increased.
(5.) The history of gradual development of mathematics and practical use of related sub-disciplines should also be made part of teaching method so that students can get desired motivation.
(6.) Important place should be given to the structure, sequence, model construction, etc. of mathematics.
(7.) The content should be presented keeping in mind the individual differences in the students of the class.
(8.) Emphasis should be given on clarification and use of mathematical relations and concepts.
(9.) The nature of mathematics and the language of mathematics should also be given appropriate place in teaching methods. Set language should be the basis of expression. Algebraic language should be used.
(10.) The learning process should be made broad and integrated by integrating curriculum, teaching methods and assessment.
(11.) It should be clarified that the physical world is not really non-mathematical. We live in a mathematical world. Mathematics is an important foundation of our life.
(12.) It should be considered necessary to explain to the students the effect of self-perfection and incorporation of systems.
(13.) Through analysis and synthesis methods, mathematical concepts and processes should be made functional and useful. Training should be given in the classroom for comprehensive analysis of each problem. Training should be given in class to analyze each problem comprehensively so that they And how? Find the solution by understanding the sides of.
(14.) Models, correct geometric drawings, graphs, applications, authentication, etc. should be made part of dynamic teaching methods.
(15.) Students should be interested in mathematics so that they are eager to learn more mathematics. Abstract thinking should be considered as an important part of learning mathematics and self-motivation should be developed.
(16.) To develop in students the ability to find new theories, concepts, dimensions, processes, relationships etc. of mathematics.
(17.) Effective teaching methods are basically time-provable but have a psychological effect in terms of the needs of students' mathematical achievements. Therefore, methods should be selected according to the content.
The fate of India is being built in its classrooms at this time. We believe that this is not a miracle. Education in this world based on science and craftsmanship determines the level of well-being, welfare and security of the people. The success of that important task of national reconstruction, whose main goal is to raise our standard of living, will depend on the ability and number of students coming out of our schools and colleges. In view of this, it has become necessary that - if we evaluate the role of education in the overall program of national development.

2. if education is to play its role, then we must recognize the changes which are necessary in the current system of education and the basis of them But prepare programs for development of education and implement this program with determination and strength.Flexibility is clearly not important in the school system unless useful actions developed by courageous teachers or schools are widely disseminated throughout the system. Unfortunately, this is not a dynamic process in education itself. Successful experiments often end there only with the women and men who initiated them and the natural speed of spreading more viable experiments is measured in decades rather than years. However, new teaching methods, which have proved to be sufficiently useful, also require considerable administrative skills and tireless efforts to get them accepted and accepted in the minds of the general and lower general category teachers.

How to Teach Effective Mathematics ?
How to Teach Effective Mathematics ?
(1.) In the teaching of mathematics, more attention should be paid on understanding the basic principles and less on teaching mathematical computation mechanically.
(2.) In any program related to the improvement of school education, it is absolutely necessary to modernize mathematics teaching. But we can start the new curriculum and modern system gradually in our schools. Its speed depends on whether the training of new math-teachers who are already working in schools for their re-training (through refresher and correspondence courses) and preparation of new course materials -what can be done.
(3.) There should be sufficient scope for manipulating the teaching methods of this subject to cater to the special and different needs of talented students in science and mathematics courses and at all stages of school education.
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