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How is teaching mathematics an art?

Written By satyam coaching centre on Wednesday, 1 April 2020 | 18:13

1.How is teaching mathematics an art?

How is teaching mathematics an art
How is teaching mathematics an art
India has struggled with poverty, slavery, political and mental, superstition, communalism and conservatism in the 20th century.  Even today these demonic tendencies stand open.  But there is no doubt that the 21st century will bring to India the message of an era in which all these demonic tendencies will be destroyed and the empire of prosperity, harmony, progress, freedom especially mental, scientific, equality, justice and brotherhood will be established.  This is not just a false desire, nor an ideal dream.  This is a pre-conjecture of reality and it is our duty to give concrete form to this pre-conjecture. How can we fulfill this duty? The answer to this question is in our education and mathematics teaching.  It is for this reason that our thinkers today are eager to accept the challenge of the future in the context of education.
 Residents of this country know that the 21st century belongs to them and for that they have to prepare their future generations.  For this, radical changes will have to be made in education and the main place in it will be mathematics teaching.
 What is Mathematics teaching?  It is an art but it is also a science.  This art is in the form that every mathematics teacher is a creative person who creates his or her own mathematics teaching method and science because today many research is being done in this regard which gives us an objective knowledge about different aspects of mathematics teaching.  Are giving
 Increase in research, more cleanliness, precision and precision in them, are playing a very important role in making mathematics teaching a science.

 2. Teaching mathematics is a complex task -

 There was a time when it was thought that becoming a math teacher is the simplest task.  Parents start teaching only after giving birth to a child.  In this way, every person who has children, is a math teacher and comes to teach mathematics himself.  Today revolutionary changes have taken place in this perception.  It is now being considered that special preparation is required for teaching mathematics.  Parents cannot provide any significant help in the development of their child until their own mathematics teaching is done properly.  They do not know what to teach and how to teach their children.
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 Presently, knowledge has expanded very fast.  This knowledge is growing at such a rapid rate that it is doubling and doubling in every decade.  Thus today the amount of knowledge is so much that perhaps our ancestors would not have even thought.  Each nation opens the school to impart this detailed knowledge to the new generation.  In these schools it is not only tried to make the new generation acquainted with the knowledge acquired by human beings, but also that the new generation should be prepared to acquire more knowledge and also be taught to use the knowledge properly.  All these school functions are done by the teachers.  Teachers teach students knowledge acquisition, knowledge generation and use of knowledge by teaching their mathematics.  Because these three things are very difficult to teach.  We call mathematics teaching a complex task.  There is no doubt that the profession of mathematics teacher is more difficult and more difficult than all other profession work.
 The task of a mathematics teacher who imparts mathematics teaching in a school is more complicated because he has to teach the prescribed syllabus to several students at the same time.  They have limited time to impart knowledge etc., many students do not want to learn and administrative officers and guardians keep evaluating the work of mathematics teacher.  It is necessary to be well versed in teaching mathematics so that the mathematics teacher can complete his work in the best way.

 3. Teaching mathematics is an art

 Teaching mathematics is an art.  Like other arts, special efforts are also required to become proficient in this art.  A math teacher who wants to learn this art has to be careful and patient.  He cannot start teaching children the way he wants in class.  Knowing how best education can be imparted to children before teaching them is absolutely necessary.  It is true that a mathematics teacher learns a lot through practice, but he can be successful in teaching mathematics only when he understands the mathematical principles before practice.  It can be considered to be capable of imparting education at the same time when it can use the principles of mathematics.  Till some time ago, it was believed by teaching mathematics that some knowledge should be given to the child in writing, reading and mathematics.  Teachers also imparted this knowledge by emphasizing the memory of children.  The method of teaching which they adopted was the method of rote learning.  They considered it best to teach children on the strength of poles by placing strict discipline on children.  He believed that if the poles were not used, the child would surely go bad.  A sentence regarding teaching mathematics, Adams, "Teacher taught John mathematics."  Let's describe.  According to this statement, old teachers used to give more emphasis on mathematics, whereas in new teaching mathematics teaching, more emphasis is given on knowledge.  The old math teachers used to draw every child with the same wood, they were only concerned that the child somehow rote the course of mathematics, there was no need to pay attention to the fact that different children  Competencies may also vary, their interests and abilities may also vary.
 The ideas of Rousseau, Pastology, Frabel, Herbert Spencer, DV etc. revolutionized this archaic doctrines and methods.  Education started to become child-centric, moving from subject-centric.  In Adams' above sentence, John's position became more important.  Providing education according to the qualifications of various children was considered best.
 The above educationists emphasized that education is a joyous process.  The child enjoys learning new things.  This growth of joy is absolutely essential in getting education.  The child is an active worker in the process of education.  He can learn many things himself.  A math teacher is there as an assistant and demonstrator, he is not a rulemaking machine.  The job of the school and mathematics teacher is to present such a conducive environment where the personality of the child can be developed independently and fully.
 In our view, whatever the mathematics teacher does for the all-round development of the child in individual teaching in classroom teaching, it all comes under the teaching art. In providing mathematics teaching, the mathematics teacher has to keep many principles of mathematics teaching in mind.  Have to find solutions to many problems and have to make contact with many types of children.  How beautifully he can do this work depends on his knowledge of mathematics teaching and arts.  Here the use of the word art involves another meaning.  The same artist is considered to be perfect, who is fully aware of the ancient and new ideologies and styles related to art, but presents his artworks based on his personal experiences.  Similarly, a teacher who is well versed in arithmetic and new theories and methods related to mathematics, but should give his personal contribution in the practical form of art.  He respects new principles and new systems, but he is not a slave.  He has the ability to manipulate the teaching of mathematics based on time, place and his experiences.  On the basis of the power of his personality, he should be successful in adopting the teaching method which proves beneficial in the personal development and social adjustment of the child.  He can teach the students in such a way that they are ready to face the challenges in the future.
 According to the current ideology, a mathematics teacher is a motivator that encourages student learning.  It is neither instructing the intellect nor disciplining the mind.  Everyone learns by experience.  The teacher contributes to provide experiences and change their practical instincts.

 4. Educational technology-

How is teaching mathematics an art
How is teaching mathematics an art
 Knowledge has been used a lot in the present times.  Mathematics teaching has also brought a revolutionary change in this knowledge.  Now educational technology has emerged as a new knowledge.  It has added new dimensions in imparting education.  By educational technology we mean the adoption of scientific approach in imparting teaching and the use of tools invented by science in teaching mathematics.  Some of the tools we are using in teaching mathematics are television, video, projector etc.  This is all due to scientific technology.
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