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Demerit & solutions of current curriculum

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1. Introduction to Demerit and solutions of current Indian curriculum -

 At present, curriculum does not mean only those subjects which are taught in school, now it is used in some elaborate form.  All the experiences given to the child in the school are now considered part of the curriculum. It is not necessary that these experiences should be given to the child in the classroom itself.  In the classroom, in the playground, in social service work, in forest excursions, in debates, as educational visits or anywhere else the child experiences are all part of his curriculum.
 In a broader sense, the importance of the course is more. The main means of education of the child is the curriculum itself. Without the help of the curriculum, the teacher cannot do the teaching work nor can he give any help in the development of the personality of the learner.  Can not see with sight.  It is necessary that it is selected on good educational principles.  The teacher should have good knowledge and experience in relation to what the curriculum should be for each child at his development level.  The course should focus on the progress of both children and society.
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 2. Demerit of Indian Curriculum -

Demerit and solutions of current Indian curriculum
Demerit and solutions of current Indian curriculum
 The curriculum that is prevalent in our schools these days is very corrupted. The teacher has no hand in building them. He is imposed from above, subjects have primacy in it.  The students' interest, abilities and needs are not taken into consideration. It does not give any importance to the environment around the child.
 The current Indian syllabus is knowledge-intensive, it emphasizes memory more.  There is no importance of the verb in it.  Learn by working - this principle has no place.  It is a complete failure to make children aware of practicality.  The child should acquire subject-related knowledge - this is the aim of this course.
 The current curriculum is about creating good habits in children, developing their interests, encouraging a sense of leadership in them, and many such qualities as diligence, cooperation, self-confidence and courtesy, which are of great value in a person's life.  Nobody contributes to development.
 Another drawback that is in the syllabus is its lack of diversity. There will be no difference in syllabus, irrespective of whether the university is located in the village or in the city.  The same syllabus has to be taught to the teacher in every school in every kind of environment and situation. The result is that the children go away from the problems they face in their life. They have no knowledge of their immediate environment. They therefore  They are obliged to acquire distant environmental knowledge.
 Knowledge can be imparted only by keeping co-relation in different subjects. It is also lacking in our curriculum.  A Mathematics teacher will teach only what is called Mathematics during the period of Mathematics. He will never try to teach Mathematics in the geographical location of the country or economic condition or by correlating it with Psychology.  For this reason, he is not able to teach the prescribed syllabus in a given time. If he is engaged in establishing a correlation, then the syllabus in Mathematics is prescribed.  Is, can he finished in a given time.
 The biggest drawback of the current courses is that they have the sole dominance of the examinations. The success of the course is judged as the ability to pass the exam. The answer to this question is what the examination provides. They keep the subjects in the syllabus  Go to those whose examination can be done easily. They are taught by paying attention to matters which are important from the point of view of examination.  The rote of the child is encouraged. His memory is emphasized more than the comparability of thinking, reasoning and development of imagination.
 No special importance is given to curriculum setting in our education system.  The curriculum is determined for various schools either by the state government's education department or by the board or university taking the test. For those classes whose exams are not taken by the board or university, the state government's education department  , The course is determined by these institutions.  Hence, there is no need to create syllabus in most of our schools.  They get this made.  But thus there are many defects in the curriculum. In fact, one of the main drawbacks of our current education system is that the curriculum in our schools is worn out, fixed and overloaded. It is a slave to the examination.  Also be situated in the environment, no matter how the students have social and cultural background, any students have individual differences -  That has read the same way, of course.  At present, this notion of syllabus is greatly criticized. In western countries the methods of determining syllabus in this way have been rejected.  There the syllabus is built according to the needs of the students keeping in mind their immediate environment.  School teachers are given the main place in curriculum building.  It is not imposed on the students from above.  Therefore, there is a need in our country that the development of the curriculum should be done in such a way that the desired objectives of education can be achieved by it and the students, environment and teachers get the main place in determining it.  The main things have to be taken care of.

 3. Solution -

 (1.) Curriculum should be designed keeping in mind the needs, interests and experiences of the child at every level.
 (2.) The course should be flexible.  Every child, regardless of his or her abilities and prospects, should not be compelled to study the same type of curriculum. Apart from the kind of society and environment in which the school is situated, the curriculum should be manipulated accordingly.
 (3.) The course should be inspired by the objectives of life - it should capture the objectives of life and education. The objective of both our life and education is to have a good assessment and to strive to lead a high life. When the present needs are met.  When it is done, then new needs should be given inspiration and when they are satisfied then other new needs should be born.  Progress in life is possible in this way. The progress of education is also dependent on this principle. According to Bonser sir, "For the development of multifaceted subjects in children, children should be encouraged to participate in every kind of valuable activities in the curriculum.  Thus the values ​​of child science, art, literature and other types of interests - which are based on the former or becoming useful for the future.  Sector could enhance the experience. "
 (4.) Emphasis should be laid on the principle of co-ordination in syllabus determination. The teaching of subjects should not be in various closed cells but by co-ordinating with each other.
 (5.) The syllabus should be based on action. Learn by working 'Principle should get importance in it.'  It is not good to emphasize only memory.  Practicality and experimentation should find importance in the study of textual subjects.
 (6.) The course should complete on its own at the end of various levels.  The purpose of the course at the primary or secondary level should not be that it is to prepare the children for further education, but its purpose should be to prepare the child for the same level.
 In determining the teaching method and teaching method, it is necessary that the various parts of the educational process be given proper form.  Here we have tried to throw light on the syllabus of the educational process so that this organ can be properly interpreted so that a teacher has knowledge of the new approach to the educational process. This knowledge helps him to choose those teaching methods.  Will provide support which is best for children.

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