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shortcomings and suggestions in math exam

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What are shortcomings and suggestions in math exam-

shortcomings and suggestions in math exam
shortcomings and suggestions in math exam
(1.) We cannot evaluate the personality achievements of students only through written tests in mathematics.
(2.) The number of questions in current question papers is limited. For this reason, various aspects of the whole course cannot be included in the question paper. Therefore, it is not possible to evaluate many achievements of mathematics in these boundaries. Evaluation done in this way is not valid and reliable. Only the main topics of mathematics can be included in the question paper and the rest of the topics are not given proper place in the papers.
(3.) Due to optional questions, students are allowed to not prepare the entire syllabus. Most of the time students guess the questions coming in the exam and become successful in the exam. The questions of arithmetic often contain questions on certain topics and by looking at the papers of previous years, students will get general information about the questions. is.
(4.) In maths papers, often the clich├ęd and well-known problems of textbooks frequently occur and students remember their solutions. In this way, students' ability to solve problems is not evaluated properly. Many theorems of geometry are asked in such exams and students rote them. Testing of clarity, thinking, originality and ability to analyze geometric principles is not possible in the current examination system. Problems are not created with facts about new circumstances.
(5.) Mathematics papers are mostly dominated by questions in which students have to do more calculations. Students mechanize these calculations and their level of mental development and mathematical thinking is not evaluated.
(6.) Mathematics is mainly a matter of principles, suffixes, relations, concepts etc. The purpose of learning this topic is that students can solve problems using the knowledge, competencies, interests etc. acquired in life. Questions of theory, suffixes, concepts, relations etc. are very less in mathematics papers and the test of their achievement is possible only through good questions.
(7.) Mathematics teaching is done keeping the examination in mind. Therefore, desirable efforts are not possible to achieve the important objectives of teaching mathematics. With mathematics teacher, students should be able to explain the principles of mathematics, differentiate between similar processes, guess the conclusions correctly, decide the suitability of the facts, draw general conclusions, etc. and their achievements. Should be measured in examinations. But in the current examinations of Mathematics, they are not fully measured.
(8.) Evaluation of achievements of Mathematics is not possible with the number of exams conducted in the year. Assessment is a continuous process and students should be evaluated continuously. Results of one or two examinations cannot be considered valid as the evaluation of the entire syllabus is not possible with the half-yearly and annual examinations. With the end of teaching of various mathematical topics, examination should be done to check how much students can learn from such topics and which aspects need remedial teaching. Many personal qualities should be developed in the students through the study of mathematics, such as the habit of hard work, regularity, precision, patience, loyalty to truth, concentration, etc. These individual qualities are not evaluated in the current examination system.
(9.) The number of comprehension questions should be more in the question paper. The number of essay questions should be small and the number of new types of questions should be high. In this way, questions from the entire syllabus can be included in the question paper.
(10.) Questions related to understanding, concept, Application, Interpretation, Discrimination etc. should be very important in Mathematics papers. Students should be able to think correctly about mathematical suffixes and relationships and make correct conclusions - this expectation should be the basic principle of evaluation.
(11.) The results of mathematics examinations should have an impact on the levels of study and teaching in the classroom. Knowledge of exam results is very important for students and teachers. The possibility of improving teaching methods depends on the knowledge of the results of the examinations. If students also have knowledge of their errors then they will be motivated to correct them.
(12.) The form of formality should not be too high in mathematics examinations. It is the teacher of Mathematics who should produce question papers for these exams so that correlation between teaching and examination can be established. It is more important that the teacher of mathematics can know the correct information of progress of his students through examinations.
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2. Features of good exams (-Features of good exams) -
(1.) The examination should be valid. A question will be considered valid when it is being tested for the same purpose by which it is designed.
(2.) The examination must be reliable.
(3.) The examination questions should be objective type.
(4.) Examination questions should be discriminatory.
(5.) Question papers should be comprehensive.
(6.) The use of examination and the process of giving marks should be objective, convenient and simple.
3. Improvement in arithmetic examinations: Certain suggestions (Improvements in Mathematics Exams: Certain Tips) -
(1.) Examination questions should be in the entire syllabus.
(2.) The problems should be formed on the basis of the correct facts related to life and the problems of the worn-out ones should not be given in the question paper.
(3.) The objective of each question should be clear and only the behavioral changes related to it are evaluated by that question.
(4.) There should be a multiplicity of questions related to the objectives of understanding, concept, application, interpretation, discrimination etc. The test should test the originality.
(5.) The number of questions should not be limited.
(6.) The number of essay questions should be less and the number of new types of questions should be more.
(7.) Effect of information of results of examinations should be helpful in improving studies and teaching.
(8.) Mathematics paper should not have optional questions.
(9.) The tendency of rote students is not encouraged.
(10.) The language of the questions should be simple and comprehensible. The difficulty level of the questions should be according to the ability of the students.
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