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Science of Solving Mathematics Problems

Written By satyam coaching centre on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 | 21:57

1.गणित की समस्याओं को हल करने का विज्ञान(Science of Solving Mathematics Problems)-

Science of Solving Mathematics Problems
Science of Solving Mathematics Problems
Some people consider mathematics to be the science of numbers.  They restrict mathematics only to calculations.  Mathematics develops many abilities in real terms.  A special type of maturity develops in a student through mathematics.  Reasoning, intellectual ability, and the ability to meditate are developed in a particular type of maturity.  Mathematics is an abstract subject, so through this, students develop the ability to think and contemplate.  In this way, mathematics is not just a number but a science of solving problems.  This special type of maturity of mathematics gives us the solution to the problems of life, that is, it helps in understanding and solving the problems of life.  The condition is that not only theoretical knowledge of mathematics is obtained, but practical knowledge is also gained from mathematics, then it teaches us the art of living or learning the art of living.
 Many people or students consider mathematics only to solve mathematics.  To limit mathematics to problem solving means that we have not understood mathematics properly.  While reading any topic, it should be kept in mind whether it is related to the circumstances in life or not.  Students easily learn the topics that are related to their life, ie whether they are able to solve the problems in life or not.  If mathematics will be taught in such a way that it cannot solve the problems related to the student's life, then the students will not be interested in learning mathematics.
 It is often the case that in mathematics we emphasize on solving such questions which have no relation with the life of the student.  It is defective to teach mathematics in this way.  Proper development of the student is not possible with this type of education and neither can the interest be awakened in him.  For these reasons, it is necessary for a teacher to try to relate whatever education he has to the life of the student.  The teacher should keep the following things in mind while teaching mathematics -
Science of Solving Mathematics Problems
Science of Solving Mathematics Problems
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 2. Mathematics Teaching Should be Purposeful -

 First thing should be noted that teaching mathematics should be purposeful.  Mathematics teaching cannot be successful without purpose.  Each mathematics lesson has a different purpose.  The teacher should impart education only keeping this in mind.  The success of his teaching can be gauged from whether he could achieve the purpose with which mathematics was started.

 3.Theory of Course Selection-

 Secondly, it should be kept in mind that the teacher should choose the course in such a way that it is successful in achieving the objectives of Mathematics Education.  Choose that subject from many subjects and those topics which should be useful to the student and help him in achieving the objective.

 4.The Principle of Division -

 Third thing should be kept in mind that the syllabus should be divided into such lessons that the student can easily progress from one level to another.  Students should finish one lesson and come naturally to another lesson, this is considered to be the best division of the syllabus.
 4.The principle of repetition -
 Unless the student is given the opportunity to repeat the lesson again and again, he will forget the lesson.  Therefore, it is the duty of the teacher not to give up the lesson after teaching it, but to provide the student with the opportunity to recur several times.
 If these things are kept in mind then the mathematics subject will be helpful in solving problems of life and students will be interested in solving mathematics.  If these things are disregarded, then the mathematics subject will not be helpful in solving the problems of life.
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