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What is Place of Mathematics in Curriculum?

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What is Place of Mathematics in Curriculum?

Place of Mathematics in Curriculum-
What is Place of Mathematics in Curriculum

What is Place of Mathematics in Curriculum

1. Pre-honored Mathematics Place -
Mathematics has always held a high position in education since ancient times. Plato had even written at the entrance of his school that those who do not understand geometry, should not enter that school with the intention of taking education. Almost all the great teachers like - Herbert, Frabel, Pastology, Dr. Matria, Montessori and Sir TP Nunn, etc., have considered mathematics to be a symbol of human development. He has considered mathematics education as the best means of intellectual and cultural development of human beings and placed the highest in the curriculum of education. According to the statement of a great warrior, ruler and politician like Napoleon - the progress of the country is closely related with the advancement of mathematics.
Jain mathematician Shri Mahaviracharya ji has given great praise about mathematics in his book titled 'Mathematics-Abstract-Collection'. He writes- "Mathematics is used in all the trades that are cosmic, Vedic and social. Among things like Kamasastra, Arthashastra, Pakshastra, Gandharvastra (singing), Natyashastra, Ayurveda, building construction, etc., verses, ornamentation Mathematics is very useful in poetry, logic, grammar etc. and all the properties of arts. In determining the speed of planets, Sun, in determining the time of eclipse, direction, country and time In finding out, there is the work of mathematics everywhere in the moon's inscriptions etc. Number of islands, seas and mountains, diameter and circumference, public interiors, houses of heaven and hell dwellers, dimensions of house-buildings and domed temples And other things are known with the help of Mathematics. There are subjects related to the institution of animals, their age and eight qualities, quantity and code etc. - all mathematics And dependent. What more I-Scracr anything thing in Trilokya, could not be possible without the existence of mathematics. "
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2.The main reasons for giving mathematics a special place in the curriculum-
(1.) Mathematics is an Exact Science-
The main reason for studying this is that the students learn about this subject and exactness is created and the student remains correct and clear in their work. In mathematics, if a question is answered in "yes" or "no", then it may be wrong and something may not be right, but only one. 2 + 3 = 5 as an example and it cannot be 6 or 4.
(2.) Mathematics produces logical approach-
In solving each problem, the student has to solve the problem based on logic. The relation of each verse to another verse is based on a certain logic.
(3.) Mathematics is closely related to life (Related to Life) -
Mathematics is called the soul of business and the father of science. Mathematics is directly related to the profession of mathematician, engineer, etc. Entry and success in the above mentioned professions is possible only when studying mathematics. Apart from this, general knowledge of mathematics is also necessary in other occupations like - use of machines, construction of buildings, purchase of daily items etc. Thus it is difficult to get success in every daily program without knowledge of mathematics. The foundation of civilization in the modern era is based on mathematics.
(4.) Mathematics is the foundation of all scientific disciplines.
Different subjects of science like Astrology, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Geology etc. which are special in modern era Importance is the basis of mathematics. In the absence of knowledge of mathematics, their development is not possible, for example, the amount of pressure, weight, volume, density, qualitative knowledge, number of atoms, construction of drugs and other measurements are all the basis of mathematics. Mathematics is the suffix of the unit. Apart from scientific subjects, other subjects of the school also cannot fulfill their objectives without mathematics.
(5.) Mathematics provides a special type of thinking approach-
Mathematics produces a certain, sequentially true, logical thinking approach. In solving every mathematics problem, the student uses true, definite, one-order, logic, so that his approach gradually becomes of a certain form which is different from other subjects.

3. Compulsory subject - 

What is Place of Mathematics in Curriculum

What is Place of Mathematics in Curriculum

Mathematics' Despite being such a compulsory subject, why not keep compulsory. In many states, the syllabus has given the children complete freedom to give up mathematics. This is his biggest mistake.It also affects small classes and is important. Nowadays, when matriculation and examination of children are sitting as adorable Gods, then in such a disobedient state of mathematics, reverence for mathematics can never be awakened in the minds of children.
Most children enter practical life by passing matriculation. They have to work in banks, offices and shops etc. to earn a living, where their numbers, stocks and shares, profit and loss, discounted and instant money (Present Worth and True Discount) Work is needed. The child is left behind in these things due to lack of knowledge of mathematics. If mathematics is disregarded in the syllabus then the boys will have to look down in the life ahead. Apart from this, the mental training that is received from the study of mathematics, will also be knocked down. Therefore, it is important to have mathematics in the syllabus.
Sometimes it is said that every student does not have to become an engineer or a mechanic, so that knowledge of mathematics can be used in business. So what is the benefit of teaching all students by making mathematics compulsory? This is also true. Not every student can become a doctor or an engineer. But do not know who will be made! Our job is to give maximum knowledge to the matriculation students so that they do not have any difficulty in choosing any profession according to their interest. Before high school classes, students are quite young and ignorant. They do not have knowledge about which subject they should take which will be beneficial in their future. Often, on the advice of their classmates and friends, they choose the subject they want. But when those subjects are not profitable in business or seem to have difficulty in business due to lack of skipped subjects, then they hand over their first ignorant election and curse the advisors, hence making mathematics a compulsory subject. But this difficulty will never appear.
Doing Mathematics as an Optional subject in high school classes also affects the fact that students who do not have Mathematics in high school classes, their choice of Profession remains very narrow. Even students who enter colleges, Ignorance in their subjects like Biology and Economics, etc. are hindered.
Apart from mathematics, there is no such subject in the school curriculum that can be used in life without much study. Mathematics is the only subject whose knowledge up to high school classes can be used in life. From the poor labourer who barely makes a living, to the finance minister, who has a budget of millions and crores of rupees, from the paan that accounts for only rupees and money, Birla and From the Tatas who do business of crores of rupees, from ordinary carpenters to big engineers who build huge buildings like Parliament, everyone needs knowledge of mathematics as per their needs. Is. Therefore, even if the curriculum is made for the purpose of lentils and bread, mathematics should have first place in the school curriculum.
From this we come to the conclusion that mathematics is useful for mankind in many ways in his life. Without it, he cannot walk in the path of progress even in life. All other subjects of the school can be useful to humans on this basis. Without this, all subjects seem meaningless. Therefore, it is very important that Mathematics be the first and respected place in the school curriculum.
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