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How to Teach Mathematics to Exceptional Children

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How to Teach Mathematics to Exceptional Children

1. How to teach Mathematics to ordinary children (How to Teach Mathematics to Exceptional Children) -

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How to Teach Mathematics to Exceptional Children
How to Teach Mathematics to Exceptional Children
The teacher has to face different kinds of difficulties in teaching each subject, in which the subject and the students mainly come. Children also have a prominent place in this. Like other teachers, the mathematics teacher also has to teach the students. The teacher takes into account the ability of ordinary students to present the text in the classroom. In this way, the students of the class who are different from the general do not have special benefit. These types of students are either gifted or retarded. There should be special arrangement for such students.
The following are the ways of identifying the children on the basis of which they can be identified -

2. Children of Gifted Children -

(1.) The intelligence of these children is (I. Q.) 130 to 180 or above.
(2.) These boys are faster than ordinary boys in physical activity.
(3.) They start using words and sentences at a young age. They soon memorize long vocabulary and names of objects.
(4.) They are more inquisitive and ask many types of questions about time, day, clock, air, rain, weather and individuals.
(5.) Interests of these children are very wide and they are interested in magazines, paintings, science, mathematics related things.
(6.) Their number is about 2 to 7 percent in the class.
(7.) These children are faster than usual in humor and new articles.
(8.) Friends of these boys are often children above their age.
(9.) These children are emotionally stable and behave well with their parents and family members.
(10.) In these, knowledge of reasoning power is visible from a young age.
(11.) These children can keep an object and idea in mind for a long time.

3. Means of Recognizing the Gifted Child -

How to Teach Mathematics to Exceptional Children
How to Teach Mathematics to Exceptional Children
(1.) Intelligence Tests
(2.) Achievement Tests
(3.) Observation and Decision of Teachers
(4.) Personality Tests
(5.) Opinion of Class-Mates
(6.) Cumulative Records

4. Education for the Gifted Children

(1.) There should be such tasks for these children in the school, so that they can be satisfied, every child should be given a special program.
(2.) Their curriculum should be different from normal boys. It should have more complex mathematical problems and problems.
(3.) They should be allowed to read books of mathematics themselves and work in mathematics labs so that they can solve and verify problems on their own.
(4.) They can be taught two classes in a year so that they can finish two years of normal children's work in one year.
(5.) These children should get an opportunity to verify the rules of mathematics with different types of mathematics related tasks like cardboard, wood, tin etc. It can be found in the formulas of quadrilateral, circle, triangle etc.
(6.) It is very important to have a math laboratory for these children and they should also go to Excursion.
(7.) Programmed material is particularly beneficial for these children.
(8.) Tests are used to evaluate these children.
(9.) In mathematics, these children can work on difficult projects.

5. Mentally Retarded Children

(1.) This is the child who remains backward in class work.
(2.) In this child, the innate mental ability is less than the average child.
(3.) The speed of mental development in this child is somewhat slow.
(4.) This child cannot adjust well in the society.
(5.) In emotional terms it is like a child.

6. Education for the Retarded Children -

(1.) There should be a special arrangement of simple tools and charts to teach mathematics to these children.
(2.) There should be a system of small and simple use of mathematics for them.
(3.) They should be given to solve simple questions from general syllabus.
(4.) Each such child should give different kinds of problems and questions.
(5.) There are a large number of questions for Drill.
(6.) The arrangement of special classes is beneficial for them.
(7.) It is beneficial to have pictures and colored numbers in books.
(8.) According to their interest, small mathematical projects should be given.
(9.) Children should be prepared and given a programmed material.


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