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What is Use of Mathematics in Daily Life

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What is Use of Mathematics in Daily Life

1. Mathematics education and change in our life

Through education, we bring desirable changes in the personality of the students and lead them towards development. In this way, mental, intellectual and social development of students takes place. By teaching in the classroom, we gradually help the students progress every day and achieve the objectives of education. The objectives of education are determined only in the context of the objectives set by the society. These objectives also change according to the circumstances of the society. Changes in the objectives of mathematics also occur due to increase in the content of science.
Relative changes in students' behavior can be seen from successful study of mathematics. We can see this by studying the behavior of those two students, one of whom has been a good student of this subject and the other has not been a good student of this subject or he has never studied this subject. The study of Mathematics brings certain qualities in the personality of the student which cannot be attained in such a quantity by other subjects, because to acquire skill in this subject it is necessary to acquire those qualities.
The general objectives of education in India should be fixed keeping in mind the problems of the nation and these should be made the basis of the selection and organization of the content of various subjects. In a society where national objectives do not align, the useful effect of education is not visible. The selection and organization of the content of the mathematics subject can only be done by harmonizing the characteristics and objectives of the subject. The greatest contribution of Europe is the scientific revolution and science and mathematics are its important parts.
In order to move rapidly towards industrialization based on science, it is necessary that a clear framework of future society should also be kept in front in determining the general and classroom objectives of mathematics. Modernization of India depends on successful teaching and use of science and mathematics. Proper determination of courses in these subjects: Teachers and academics make constant efforts to meet the needs of the society by changing the courses of these subjects as per the requirements, but in the backward society, the teachers there continue to teach rotten courses without need.

2. Practical Utility of Mathematics in Our Life -

To highlight the importance of mathematics in today's scientific age is to show the lamp to the Sun. Mathematics is the mother of science and without the help of mathematics, progress in science is not possible. The physical progress we see in the present is the result of science and mathematics. Science becomes crippled without mathematics. Facts are studied, compiled and analyzed with the help of mathematical principles. New theories are established with the help of birth mathematics by establishing a correlation between facts. Mathematics plays an important role in the progress of physics and it is used more and more in the development of biological sciences. With the advent of automation science and cybernetics, it has become more necessary to pay special attention to mathematics studies.
Man's arrival at the moon is an important event of this century. Calculations of the distance of the moon from the earth, various obstacles in the rocket's speed, the effect of heat, the effect of the attraction power of the rocket on the speed of the rocket, the time of the rocket reaching the moon, etc., are possible only with the help of mathematics. Without the help of mathematics, no rocket calculation can be done. Mathematics has a major hand in making science practical. The use of mathematics is necessary in the plan of reaching Mars and Venus, and in the near future, humans will be able to reach other planets like the moon. It is possible to give numerical form to various facts of nature only through mathematics. Many facts and figures obtained from the moon have been evaluated with the help of mathematics and gradually we have come to know many new things about the moon and its atmosphere from the evaluation findings. The design and construction of the future world is impossible without mathematics.
What is Use of Mathematics in Daily Life

What is Use of Mathematics in Daily Life

Mathematics are also being used more and more in daily life. Every life moment uses the rules, principles and procedures of mathematics in some way or the other. Everyone should have a general knowledge of mathematics to prove to be a useful part of society and to be successful in their life. Without it, in daily life one has to face difficulties on foot. When we go to buy vegetable or any other item from the market, without the general knowledge of mathematics, we will have inconvenience in determining the price and calculating the price. While making the budget of the house, while making income and wages, weighing things, looking at the clock, informing the time of arrival of the train, taking the remaining money by paying the bus fare, while stamping the envelope, the wire house Mathematics has to be used at each place while giving strings in it.There is hardly any business in life that does not use mathematics in small or large amounts. The tailor has to cut the cloth according to the measurement, the confectioner has to use the ratio, average etc. in his work, the milk seller has to use the liter etc., the grocer has to use different weighing weights, The overseer and engineer has to calculate the area volume etc., the player has to take care of the score, the doctor has to take the required amount of medicine keeping in mind the age of the patient, etc. One has to pay, the laborer has to calculate the wages according to his work and time, Khati has to take full care of the measurement while making a wooden item. In short, it can be said that there is no aspect of life that does not require mathematics. It can also be said that more and more mathematics is being used in every business. With the use of machines and electricity, mathematics has started being used in many trades.
What is Use of Mathematics in Daily Life

What is Use of Mathematics in Daily Life

Mathematics has played a useful role in bringing the citizens of the world closer and in the rise of society. The economic progress of a society depends on the use of technical knowledge. Knowledge of mathematics is necessary to understand the inventions of scientists and mathematicians. The achievement of radio, television, computer, movies, rockets, airplanes, cars, bridges, buildings of many floors, wings, roads, water ships, science equipment, etc. has been possible only due to mathematics. Due to which we have got joy, happiness and prosperity in life. In future, more prosperity should be expected in public life due to more and more use of mathematics.
Knowledge of mathematics is necessary in the study of astrology, geography, commerce, economics, engineering etc. New progress in these subjects is being made using the knowledge of mathematics. It is seen that the discussion of the content in these subjects has become more comprehensible with the help of mathematics.
There are many sub-topics in the curriculum of Mathematics which are useful in our life and facilitate the activities of our daily life. For example measurement, weighing and decimal system, unitary rule, simple and compound interest, ratio, time, speed and distance, graph, average, percentage, statistical budget making, area and volume, set theory etc. are many sub-topics whose knowledge today Is necessary in life. With progress, many new sub-disciplines may have to be included in the curriculum in future so that new needs of ordinary people can be fulfilled. The old courses did not have sub-disciplines at the secondary level such as aggregate theory, trichotometry, cylinder area and volume, computers, but keeping in mind the requirements of higher mathematics and life, they have been included in the new curriculum. Due to the use of set language in mathematics, progressive countries have started teaching the set theory in primary classes and in India we need to do the same as it is inevitable for us to keep pace with the progress of mathematics in the world. The language of current mathematics is the language of aggregates.
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