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What is Mathematics Education and Society

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Mathematics Education and Society

1. Introduction to Mathematics and Society -

The feeling of living in a congenital group in humans is from time immemorial and it has increased as soon as he has used his conscience. He felt the need of society for its protection from natural events, disasters and physical, psychological reasons. As the nature of the society evolved, the society developed traditions, rules, customs and practices for itself. Every society has arranged education for the individuals and children of the society according to their needs, aspirations and ideals. He felt the need to calculate according to time and situation, as mathematics developed, as his problems were solved and material comforts increased, he realized the importance of mathematics and science. Therefore, in order to strengthen, strengthen and develop the society, mathematics tried to make mathematics scientific and systematic in order to make maximum contribution to progress and development for them.

2. Relation Between Education and Society -

Today mathematics and society are related to each other in such a way that the relationship between the two is unbreakable. For the best system of Mathematics education, the society has gathered the means, facilities and has determined the nature of Mathematics education in accordance with its ideals. Mathematics education has tried to make the people of the society cultured, cosmic and qualified. Through mathematics education, the person has developed discipline, regularity, hard work, thinking, reasoning ability. Mathematics education has changed in accordance with the ideals of society in the world and efforts have been made to make mathematics education more practical, useful for building people's lives. Mathematical education has been arranged in a democratic society in such a way that every student and individual gets an opportunity to develop according to their interests, abilities, abilities and aspirations.
What is Mathematics Education and Society

What is Mathematics Education and Society

3. Impact of Society on Education
(1.) Impact of Social Structure and Ideas
The social system affects the nature and system of mathematics education. Mathematics education will be as per society. Similarly, the ideals of society also influence mathematics education. Every society arranges mathematics education according to its ideals. If the society will be dictatorial, then surely that society will arrange for the mathematics education without doing its math education without any discipline and logic, which will be according to its choice. If the society will be democratic, then in such a society mathematics will give more emphasis on logic, thinking, strategy, intellectual development, discipline. It is clear that the system and ideals of society have an impact on mathematics education.
(2.) Impact of Economic Conditions -
The economic condition of society also deeply affects mathematics education. In order to make mathematics education appropriately and available to all, it is necessary to have elective mathematics in all types of schools. Arrangement of Mathematics Library and Mathematics Laboratory for making Mathematics Education in the school is very important. Providing all these resources depends on the economic condition. If the society will be financially good then mathematics education will also be good there. Poor and backward society does not get adequate resources and facilities for proper schools and mathematics education. Also, in the course of education, mathematics is not able to properly manage education. Therefore, such a society should give due place and importance to mathematics in the curriculum of education for its economic progress.
(3.) Impact of Religious Conditions
The religious views, traditions and beliefs of the society have a profound influence on the teaching of mathematics. Fundamentalist religious views insist on teaching religion to their children but disregard the teaching of mathematics. Whereas in the secular state, along with the education of all religions, they also arrange and promote the education of mathematics and physical subjects.
(4.) Impact of Social Changes
The way society views, education and mathematics have an impact. In orthodox ideology, traditional mathematics education is emphasized, whereas in progressive society, modern mathematics and new principles and rules of mathematics are emphasized.
(5.) Impact of Social Changes
The modern era is dynamic and dynamic. Modernization of democratic society and education has advanced and developed human society with more emphasis on these changes. For example, in the earlier Indian society, ie in the ancient times, only the upper class was educated, but in the present democratic society, due to giving equality to all, all classes have the right to receive education and mathematics education.

4. Impact of Mathematics Education on Society

Mathematics education and society influence each other. Just as society has an impact on mathematics education, similarly mathematics education also affects the society.
(1.) Preservation of Social Haritage -
Mathematics of the society is the protection of the most important social heritage on education. Every society wants to preserve its customs, traditions, religion and morals which it has acquired over time. He is so proud of his culture that he does not want to let him be destroyed at any cost. Mathematics education helps the society in this task.
(2.) Awakening of Social Feeling
Man has no existence apart from society, by staying in the society, not only his personality develops but also serves the society. For this it is necessary to develop social feeling in every human being. While in school, he participates in many types of social programs, which instills social feelings in him. This work is completed well through mathematics education.
(3.) Economic Development of Society -
The importance of mathematics education is well known, mathematics is tested in all government services and knowledge and ability of mathematics is required in various professions as well. In this way mathematics education plays its important role in providing a powerful foundation to the economic condition of the society.
(4.) Social Control -
Society being a group of individuals, it has all kinds of individuals. At the same time, various evil practices and superstitions are also born in the society. By exposing the faults of malpractices and superstitions through mathematics education, creates an environment against them so that such evils can be eradicated from the society.
(5.) Social Changes
Through mathematics education, a person incorporates modern and progressive ideas which is helpful in accelerating social changes.
(6.) Socialization of Child
Students of different class, caste, community and level come to get education in school. They discuss among themselves to solve the subject of mathematics, they get up together and exchange ideas, customs, traditions. Adopt the customs, rules and culture of the other which leads to their socialization.

5. Duties of Society Towards Education

Man is a social animal by nature and he can develop himself only by staying in the society. When every person of the society continues to develop properly, then the society automatically develops. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the society to properly arrange mathematics so that all its members continue on the path of development. For proper arrangement of Mathematics education, the society should perform its duties -
(1.) Establishment of Mathematics Faculty in Schools
The main duty of the society is to establish Mathematical Faculty of different level schools in each area for arranging proper and profitable mathematics education for each child / girl.Provide all kinds of resources for mathematics education in every school, appoint qualified and experienced teachers, make necessary buildings and furniture. Provide financial assistance to these schools for mathematics education.
(2.) Provision of Vocational Education
It is also the duty of the society to establish such institutions and institutions where every citizen can get professional and industrial education of mathematics and become proficient in these fields. Gaining vocational knowledge of mathematics education will increase employment potential. Nowadays there is an imbalance in the demand and supply of skilled employees.
(3.) Establishment of Mathematics Library
What is Mathematics Education and Society

What is Mathematics Education and Society

Books are a repository of knowledge. For the mental development of every member of the society, it is necessary that the society should set up more and more math libraries so that the masses can be informed about the changes in mathematics.


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