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Mathematics Is More Interesting Subject Than Any Other Subject

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Mathematics Is More Interesting Subject Than Any Other Subject

1. Introduction to Mathematics is a more interesting subject than other subjects (Introduction to Mathematics Is More Interesting Subject Than Any Other Subject) -

Mathematics Is More Interesting Subject Than Any Other Subject

Mathematics Is More Interesting Subject Than Any Other Subject

It has been said in this article that the mathematics subject is simpler than other subjects. We keep repeatedly appealing in our posts that if interest, curiosity and perseverance along with patience in mathematics can make mathematics simple for those students. You have to memorize the content in other subjects, but in Maths up to class XII (students) remember the formulas properly and know how to use them properly, then at the same time they have interest, curiosity, perseverance, patience. And if concentration is practiced, then his maths subject becomes simple.

2. Interest in Mathematics

To inculcate interest in mathematics, it is necessary to teach children through multiplication, counting, poetry and music. Gradually, when the children have knowledge of counting, mountains and numbers, then they should try to understand the meaning of the words of mathematics. This requires both time and practice. Maturity begins in the child when the brain is together with learning to speak. By presenting some models of mathematics, it should help them to speak and pronounce them clearly. Gradually, interest in children will start to awaken.

3.Curiosity in Mathematics

Just like when a new thing, thing or book is brought, the child repeatedly tries to use it, see and read it. Similarly, in order to increase curiosity in mathematics of the child, new maths should be presented before him, so that the instinct of curiosity can be instilled in them. For example, knowledge of the first digit, counting, multiplication, addition, rest, multiplication, division, etc. should be presented to the children respectively so that they can generate curiosity.

4.Drill in Mathematics -

In order to practice mathematics, children should initially give some small questions in the form of exercises. In addition, while solving the questions in a new way, some questions should be made for frequent practice. When one gets complete knowledge on any method, then it is beneficial to ask questions to check the memory in between and it always proves beneficial. To check the method done in a given period, the teacher gets to know the position of the child and this again awakens the memory of the students. The work of previous period can be repeated by simple question papers and examples.
If a teacher does not pay attention to the work done by the child, it means that in the next class, the child does not have to teach it himself. The teaching of that teacher is limited to that level only. In this case, he does not pay attention to the future of the child. To improve in this situation, the head teacher of mathematics should be alert. He should keep in mind that every mathematics teacher should take the examination of the child at the beginning of innovative questions. It is possible in a school where only one teacher teaches children, but where the children finish one school and enter another school, the teachers do not understand their responsibility. In small classes, children are sent to another class before they can be fully practiced in any new method. Due to this the foundation of such boys is weakened and the child seems to have difficulty in understanding the new method. Therefore, the importance of practice is as much at this level as it is at other levels. The teacher likes to use new methods but it hurts children. Before starting any new method, it is necessary to fully understand the former method. This is possible only if sufficient practice of each new method is practiced in the classroom. There are students in the school who can solve the higher method questions and cannot solve the general law questions under them. The only reason for this is the lack of practice in those methods. Because of this, students do not fully understand those simple questions. In this way, when students sit in an exam, they fail to solve simple questions and due to this failure their interest in mathematics is diverted. In this way, those students who do full practice in every field of mathematics always get success.
The practice of Mathematics, despite being so important, stumbles in the eyes for some reasons. This gives a lot of scope for excuses to the noodle teacher while the teachers of other subjects get tired of tearing the throat. Mathematics teachers play peacefully in the shadow of their practice work. It does not work under the guise. Because of this the practice method has become infamous. But actually it is not good to teach an important and laborious subject like mathematics without practice. This method has to be used but the teacher should also be well aware of his duties. He should observe that when the child is practicing, he should observe all the children in the class and wherever the child is stuck, he should remove his difficulties. By doing this, all the children will be interested in practice and will be able to take full advantage.

(4.) Patience and Meditation -

Along with interest, curiosity and practice, patience and meditation are also necessary. If we do not have patience and focus in our life, then with the help of interest and curiosity and practice, we will not be able to heal for a long time. Now the question arises why it is necessary to have meditation with patience. If there is no patience then we will be hasty and if we solve any question in haste, then we will make a mistake. Meditation is necessary because if we do not meditate, the mind will not concentrate and the mind will not concentrate, then it will not take mind to solve the questions and practice of mathematics, ie the mind will be moving. Therefore meditation is necessary with patience. Just as both the wheels of the vehicle are capable of running, similarly patience and attention are both necessary. Without patience, we will not be able to do any mathematics question or task successfully. Do the maths methodically and remain fully active till it is completed, do not leave it in the middle. It is necessary to have patience. If you do not have patience, you will run away in the middle, leave the work. We start following any good rule, but we are unable to keep up with lack of patience. Without patience, you cannot even meditate and when meditation is broken, work cannot be done in the same manner. Today, there is an incompleteness of mathematics in our life, it is a mess and the root cause of it is lack of patience and attention. As soon as you plant, fruits do not come in it, rather it is necessary to be patient till the fruit comes. Fruits come on time only, after which the fruits come after that, you have to be patient for that long no matter how much water and fertilizer is put together. One of the characteristics of the patient and meditator is that he is lazy,
One is not passive and weak but is alert, active and diligent. Keeps making effort.
To make patience and meditation a part of life, the beginning of the morning should be done with meditation. Retiring from Nityakarmo in the morning, after concentrating the mind for a while, one should meditate on the sun in the form of light or the lamp or the light of 7. Initially, the mind will wander here and there, but by practicing patience, we will keep practicing continuously, if we do it regularly and daily, then meditation will be practiced. There is a need to start with strong determination. As the practice progresses, the mind will concentrate and become peaceful. It is also important to keep patience. Interest, curiosity will remain and you will be strengthened only if you are patient, otherwise the immediate interest and curiosity will end. Only by having patience will you be able to use other qualities.

(5.) Passion in Mathematics -

It is necessary to have passion and passion to be successful in a subject like Mathematics. You throw yourself completely. Finally, you will get the right result. If there will be no passion and passion, and when you want to do any work, you will do it and when you do not like it, you will not do it. Therefore, it is also necessary to have passion and passion, only then you will be able to practice a subject like mathematics properly and well.
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6. Enumeration is more interesting subject than other subjects (Mathematics is more interesting subject than any other subject) -

Mathematics Is More Interesting Subject Than Any Other Subject

Mathematics Is More Interesting Subject Than Any Other Subject

Mathematics Is More Interesting Subject Than Any Other Subject
Sat, 29 Jul 2017 The two-day senior class teachers' workshop on Science and Mathematics at DAV Barkakana started on Saturday. DAV Director cum Principal Dr. Urmila Singh, Principal HK Jha, Principal UK Rai, Principal Rani Jaiswal, Principal SR Prasad etc. were present on the occasion. The guests were welcomed with a bouquet. After this, the workshop was duly inaugurated by lighting the lamp together and with the DAV anthem. Dr. Singh said that there is no other subject more interesting than mathematics. Once interest is generated towards it, students dedicate their whole life towards it. It is important that students are interested in this, because students are counting on days to get rid of it due to their interest in mathematics. Therefore, teachers should try to generate interest in students towards mathematics. The stage operations teacher Himadri Biswas did. Maths as Resource Person - HG Tiwari, D Pandey, Manoj Kumar, AK Dubey, SR Prasad, Comestry-UK Roy, Ravi Kumar, VN Pandey, AN Pathak, Arvind Singh, Bio-Alok Kumar, RD Mukhopadhyay, Dr Kumar Anand , Gajendra Kumar, Mo Ashif, Sudhir Mishra etc. were present. The two-day workshop was attended by Physics, Chemistry, Bio and Math teachers from DAV Koderma, Bachra, Hazaribagh, Urimari, Tapin North, Kedala, Ghato, Ara, Bharenchanagar, Rajarappa, Barkakana etc.


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