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Importance of Mathematics

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Importance of Mathematics -


The importance of mathematics has been mentioned in this article. It has been elaborated that the field of mathematics is very wide and has made inroads in other subjects as well. The entry of Mathematics has enriched other subjects and broadened their scope. A very brief description was posted in its first part. But in this part, detailed information is being presented incorporating the previous part. Hope you will like it like the previous part. If you like the article, then share and like it with your friends and if you have any suggestion or any problem, then comment and tell. Read this article completely.

1. Importance of Mathematics

Today's era is the era of science. All the physical and technological progress due to science should be given to mathematics. Along with the progress of mathematics, there has been progress in the field of science and the progress of science in future depends on mathematics itself. If we study the mathematics courses in the progressive countries of the world, we will see that the level of the study material of mathematics in the primary and secondary schools there is very progressive and the students get unprecedented help in learning science through the study of mathematics. Along with social progress, the levels of mathematics courses are also being improved and the educationists there are still working in this direction. In countries where the curriculum of mathematics is not progressive, physical progress has also been relatively less. The Kothari Commission has written on the importance of Science and Mathematics, "Science should be made an important subject. Therefore we recommend that Science and Mathematics should compulsorily teach all students in the first ten years of school teaching as a part of general education. Additionally, for students with higher than average qualifications, special courses in these subjects at secondary stage If the system. These programs can only be useful when science Patycharyaon be made latest re-organize, to communicate the re-power in teaching methodology and should be appropriate facilities for teaching the subject.
The commission has written mentioning the important place of mathematics in modern education -
The main characteristic of adopting scientific vision is to express things quantitatively. Hence, mathematics becomes more important in modern education. It has an important hand in the advancement of physics, as well as it is being used more and more in the development of biological sciences. The advent of automation science and cybernetics in this century has led to the birth of new scientific industrial revolution and it has become even more necessary to pay special attention to the study of mathematics. The appropriate basis of knowledge of this subject should be laid in schools.
Mathematics can be called the soul of science. Science without mathematics will prove incapable of maintaining its existence. Modern era, because it is scientific age, so the foundation of this era is based on mathematics. It is necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of the important contribution of mathematics in meeting the needs of the technological age.
Today the principles of mathematics are being widely used in physics, chemistry, biology, botany, geology, astrology, geography, economics, psychology, logic, commerce, music and many important fields. With the use of mathematics, it is possible to have objectivity and practicality in the content of these areas and due to this, material and prosperity has developed in the society.

2. Personality Development -

(1.) Development of intelligence: - 

There is no other subject other than Mathematics which can keep the students active like Mathematics. To solve any problem of arithmetic, students have to do mental work. Which can develop creative and creative in students. Due to the study of arithmetic, reasoning, memory, concentration, thinking and thinking power etc. Nashik actions develop.
Importance of Mathematics

Importance of Mathematics

(2.) Development of culture: - 

The study of arithmetic gives the students the knowledge of equality, regularity and orderliness which are the major parts of the culture. By culture we mean the good and welfare things which are given by their ancestors. They join. Apart from this, mathematics has contributed in removing poverty, ignorance, disease, illiteracy, superstition from the society.

(3.) Discipline: -

By conducting mathematics studies to the students, mental powers like regularity, correctness, originality, orderliness, honesty, concentration, imagination, confidence, memory, quick understanding power are developed by which their brain is disciplined.

(4.) Development of sociality: - 

Man is a social animal and students also have to go ahead and become a part of society. Knowledge of social life mathematics is needed because in society also the need to keep transactions, business and accounts. Which is dependent on the knowledge of mathematics. Different inventions, needs, in moving different parts of society from one place to another and bringing different parts of society closer. To switch to support a major contribution to mathematics.

(5.) Development of scientific approach: -

Knowledge of Mathematics is also necessary for students of Zoology and Botany. Students without knowledge of mathematics will have difficulty in studying these ideas. Knowledge of arithmetic is necessary to know the number of bones, nerves etc. of an organism, length of bones, mutual ratios of bones, weight of bones etc. While studying cells, it is necessary for students to have knowledge of square, circle, polygonal region etc. The study of geometry proves to be helpful in this context. Knowledge of percentage is desirable to find the amount of carbon ,hydrogen, nitrogen etc. in cells. To understand Mendel's theory, it is necessary to seek the help of mathematics.
Similarly, knowledge of basic principles of mathematics is also helpful in botany. Numerous mathematical functions are used in the study of flowers, leaves, roots etc. There is a need to establish mutual mathematical relationships in soil, germination, seeds, plant flowers, fruits etc. and these relationships are displaced by many experiments. In botany, suffixes like density, distribution, frequency, area etc. are also used. The graph is used in every field of botany which helps in understanding the relationship between the components of the situation.
Mathematics has made an unprecedented contribution in acquiring new knowledge in the areas of zoology and botany. Mathematics provides an important basis in new discoveries and research and helps in comparative study of findings.

6. Mathematics and Economics -

Today's era is the era of economics and meaning holds an important place in the life of every human being. As technology progresses, the use of economics is increasing. It is possible to bring certainty in the laws of economics through mathematics. Now the situation has come that knowledge of mathematics has become necessary for the student of economics. Econometrics is an important branch of economics in which mathematics and statistics are used. There are many subjects in economics which cannot be a proper explanation without the use of mathematics. For example economic topics like utility, demand and supply, national income, pricing, family budget, index, foreign trade, economic planning, inflation, currency devaluation, foreign exchange rate, investment analysis, tax assessment, public debt, population etc. The use of mathematics is necessary for interpretation, explanation and accuracy. From the field of mathematics, the content of economics is presented by scientific method using percentage, average, interest, equation, formula determination, circular and various types of graphs etc. With the help of mathematics, the student can easily understand many things in the field of modern economics. Algebraic formulas are used extensively in the areas of pricing, demand and supply, currency, planning etc. National income, population, foreign trade, production, family budget etc. can be well explained by graphs and concepts can be explained by pictures. The construction of planning formats is possible with the help of mathematics. All the progressive countries of the world have made economic progress through planning and the last five-year plans in India can be explained only with the help of mathematics. Data is required in planning and their average and percentage are known for comparative study and evaluation. In the modern era, the prosperity of each country depends on more exports and every country tries to earn foreign exchange so that this currency can be used to get the latest technological goods.

Acquiring more foreign currency is possible only when the balance of payments is in favor of the country. For this, exports have to be more than imports and all this information can be practical only when mathematics is used for it. Countries have to resort to devaluation of currency many times to favor payment balance. The function of the correct amount of this devaluation is impossible without mathematics. Therefore, it is necessary for economists in economic institutions to have a good knowledge of mathematics. Today every citizen is troubled by the steady increase in values. The effect of the decrease or increase in the amount of currency on the price level can be calculated with the help of mathematics. The life-cost index is used to determine dearness allowance etc. in which the principles and competencies of mathematics are used in abundance. In the modern era, an increase in population leads to an imbalance and an increase in poverty. Quantitative changes in the population by birth rate, death rate, survivor rate, etc. are known with the help of mathematics and their impact on employment and prices is assessed. Population experts of the world are recommending 'population mathematics' in schools.

7. Mathematics and Psychology

Knowledge of mathematics has become necessary due to the use of measurement procedures in modern psychology. General knowledge of average, percentage, ratio, graph is very important for a student of psychology.However, experts in the field of psychology need to be well acquainted with mathematical thinking, as it is mandatory for them to use important procedures such as formulation, generalization, substitution. Knowledge of Mathematics is helpful for understanding important areas of psychology like development of child, learning of dynasty and environment, intelligence test, personality, measurement of interest and interest. In psychology, mathematics is used extensively in calculating tests, measurement, comparison, study of elements, authentication, diagnosis, treatment, etc. Relationships with any aspect of personality, speed of development, influence of environment, etc. are displayed with formulas and graphs. With the use of mathematics in every field of psychology, it has been possible to study the qualitative aspect in terms of quantity and numbers. The use of mathematics has been important in checking the veracity of the research conducted in the field of psychology. Without mathematics, psychology would remain only the script of definitions and narratives and its widespread use would not be possible. In today's era, psychology is being used in every field and with the help of mathematics, the form of the rules and conclusions of psychology is measured in terms of circumstances. In psychology, statistics is used extensively and in finding many conclusions, the principles and formulas of statistics are widely used. In psychological testing, the findings are made by using sufficient amount of mathematics.


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