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Education And Training Of Mathematics Teacher

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Education And Training Of Mathematics Teacher

1. Introduction to Education and Training of Mathematics Teacher -

Education And Training Of Mathematics Teacher

Education And Training Of Mathematics Teacher

It has been said in this article that both the syllabus and the book are dead, they are given live by the teacher, so special attention should be paid to the teacher's teaching and training. The teacher should also have practical knowledge like how to treat relatives, if you do transactions in the market, then what things should be kept in mind, how should you treat your elders? So that it can impart practical knowledge to the students.If you like this article, then share and like it with your friends. If you have any problem or have any suggestion, then comment and tell. Read the article fully.

2. Present Position

The definitive statement regarding the current professional (academic) and academic status of mathematics teachers is a subject of research, but studies can only be presented to a limited extent on the basis of experiences and general observations. For the development of Mathematics education as a special subject in America, 'The Mathematics Association of America, Inc.' and 'Council of Teachers of Mathematics' from the past 5-6 decades, through regular commissions and committees, regular efforts to improve it are doing. Nothing like this is seen in India right now. Here some observations on the status of mathematics education are presented as follows -
(1.) There is also a lack of knowledge and understanding of mathematics subject matter suffixes, relations operations, etc.
(2.) Education in its broader form is 'social service', but at present it has become a profession. In mathematics education, professionalism has taken a negative form. It is rare to promote its institutional form. Money value has been acquired on it.
(3.) The development of mathematics education in business is not bad, but the defeat of the standards of professionalism in it is worth considering. The general teacher and the mathematics teacher in particular have no knowledge of the professional values ​​of the education profession.
(4.) Mathematics teaching has become an individual practice. This leads to a clear defeat of collaboration and participation among teachers.
(5.) Teachers do not see the penetration of mathematical skills, values ​​and slag.
(6.) Only superficial knowledge of mathematics is found by teachers to be meaningful. The magnitude and scope of the content of mathematics must increase at the level of knowledge, but the depth of the subject has decreased greatly. It can be said that the volume of mathematical knowledge in the teachers has definitely declined. This should be a matter of concern.
(7.) The ignorance of teachers towards the methods, techniques, skills of teaching mathematics and lack of curiosity for their acquisition is obvious.
(8.) He has no relation with the interest, aptitude, aptitude of the student. They are only interested in completing the formalities of completing the prescribed content.
(9.) There is no relation in the teacher's work with teaching aptitude and teachers do not even try to understand the importance of mathematics.
(10.) The teacher does not even want to know the difficulties and shortcomings of his learner. It is beyond imagination to be interested in removing them.
(11.) Classroom teaching is completed on the traditional lecture system.
(12.) Teachers are not interested in giving sufficient practice, maintenance work to the learners. Even if given these tasks as his routine job, the teacher is not able to take time to examine them, which makes him redundant.
(13.) Lack of patience in teachers, lack of interest in understanding their students, lack of knowledge of the basic principles of the subject, lack of skill in teaching, etc. are the shortcomings of the teacher, which have made the mathematics subject difficult. There is a general feeling in the student towards this topic. This makes the subject, despite being the most important, not popular among the students.

3. Condition for Effective Teaching for Teachers

For effective teaching, teachers of all disciplines, including mathematics, must have perfect mastery in the subject concerned. This is the first necessary condition for the success of instruction. A person who is well versed in subject knowledge finds effective ventures and tactics for his teaching. Then in relation to mathematics it is well known that its methods of study and teaching are the same. Thus, in mathematics, the perturbation in his methods of study is correlated. Garnet is a subject that trains a person himself in his methods of teaching. Hence, one can say that studying mathematics is self training in the methods of teaching mathematics. Along with having a complete grasp on the subject of mathematics, the teacher must also specialize in the use of instructional techniques. For successful instruction in mathematics, the teacher must have developed both balanced knowledge and skills in use of instruction techniques in a balanced way. Its importance is made clear in the statement that "We do not need teachers who have nothing to teach (Teachers who have nothing to teach) nor those who are just supplying knowledge and promoting skills (Mere purveyors of knowledge and pro motors of skill). Balanced development of subject knowledge and instruction techniques is an important point in mathematics teacher.

4. Trichotomy of knowledge -

Education And Training Of Mathematics Teacher

Education And Training Of Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics teacher is a confluence of three classes of general, professional and specialist. We are living in rapid changes. Rapidity of development and its implications on future changes, while on the one hand staggering the imaginations, on the other hand, encourages satisfaction on superficial information. Events are happening at such a rapid pace that it is difficult for a human to study them and organize them, so that the development process is not easy to understand. Therefore, only superficial information related to any stream of development and change is considered sufficient material for our satisfaction. It is necessary to underline here that the superficial measures of knowledge have increased, but its depths have reduced. Our present knowledge is shallow. Mathematics teacher has to take special care here.The educational background of the mathematics teacher should be broad and broad based. Never feel contented with your subject knowledge. May he remain the evergreen Gyan-Pipasu. Mathematics teacher should be truly knowledgeable. His subject knowledge should be so broad and deep that he can understand human development and the development of modern culture. He was able to appreciate human progress and social values.
Every mathematics teacher should have a professional aptitude. Here, the professional aptitude of teaching is the permanent state of mind of the person, which includes the key qualities as follows: - Intense interest in the selection of mathematics for study and service work, Properties of value of mathematics in cultural structure Ability, those fundamental rules, mechanical processes, generalizing procedures, possibilities of practical applications readiness in the interpretation of applications), they form a specific area of ​​the study of mathematics and human endeavor.
In addition to education for a cultural background for a mathematics teacher, professional preparation is also necessary. For this, the provisions for the development of the qualities which are fundamental in it should be emphasized prominently.
(1.) Devotion to teaching as a profession.
(2.) Consciousness towards duty and duty knowledge in his field of work and wife touches him for his subsistence.
(3.) Enthusiasm to contribute to mathematics and mathematics education.
(4.) Aptitude and proficiency in understanding the learners.
(5.) Proficiency in the use of teaching materials, methods, techniques, skills.
(6.) Anomaly in the use of modern information technology.
(7.) Proficient in making mathematics attractive.
(8.) Skill to provide stability to knowledge of mathematics.
(9.) Aptitude in subject knowledge and maintenance of its learning.
(10.) Realization of the contribution of Indian society and culture to the development of mathematics.
(11.) The curiosity of Indian mathematics to relate to modern technology.
(12.) Complete realization of the theory of mathematics in the context of modern philosophical ideologies of mathematics.
(13.) Proficiency in finding and using various tricks to make mathematics education easy and attractive.
(14.) The realization of the commercial importance of mathematics in the present era.
(15.) Realization and skill in taking full advantage of the multi media approach in the instruction of mathematics.
(16.) Maturity in core values ​​of teaching-business.
For the development of this professional knowledge, understanding and skills in mathematics teacher, the course should be designed in such a way that it can understand the importance of the subject in its social system. He was able to understand the functions and implications of mathematics in personal and social life and understand the interrelations of different professions and establish their relationship with mathematics education. In order to develop the insight of the teacher in the interpersonal, mental, social, emotional development sequence of the learner. The teacher should be able to have complete knowledge of the subject matter of mathematics and its teaching. He will be able to use all the tips in making teaching and instruction effective, as well as being trained in teaching methods, techniques and skills and making his classroom instruction effective and efficient through observation and practice. Could make.

5. Job of the Mathematics Teacher

The analysis of the job of a mathematics teacher reveals two major aspects of its responsibilities - (i.) General teacher (ii.) Distinguished teacher of mathematics. The first duty of a mathematics teacher to discharge the required responsibilities from all teachers in the teaching profession. is. The main among these obligations and duties are as follows -
Active collaboration and participation in the smooth functioning of the school, Harmonious and effective contribution to the development and maintenance of Mutual Understanding between the school and the community, Co-curricular purposes of sponsorships, sponsorships of any academic organization, cooperation in the conduct of any academic organization, guidance and consultation Participation in, maintenance of related records, immediate presentation of desired reports, participation in community activities.
Three main aspects of the specific role of a mathematics teacher emerge - the teaching of the mathematics subject, the teaching of the unit and the teaching of the specialty unit. As far as teaching as a specific subject of mathematics is concerned, the characteristics required of a teacher are as follows -
(1.) He should realize that teaching mathematics is a challenge.
(2.) The teacher should have a good knowledge of mathematics.
(3.) The concept of mathematics as a scripture, its development, its importance in other areas of knowledge, its clear role in cultural development is required in the mathematics teacher.
(4.) As a major part of General Education, the teacher must realize its imperative.
(5.) Development of general concepts of mathematics, linking generalizations with application, differentiation between main and secondary points, identification of major learning points and anticipation of student's difficulties, complete knowledge of the sites of their occurrence and their removal. The skills and techniques needed to give students to do, etc., requires mastery of mathematics teacher.
The aspects of knowledge, perception, skills required by the teacher for the teaching of a unit are as follows - content - concepts, items of information, skills developed by students, effective relevant instruction techniques and skills , Psychological and logical sequence of content, objectives in the form of behavioral changes, presentation of various sub-units, gathering of teaching materials. And their efficient use, pre-formulation of practical teaching matrices, anticipation of Difficult Spot of the unit and tips for resolving them, proper for assimilation, development and maintenance of content Tips determination, evaluation process.
In teaching of a sub-unit, first the teacher should have clear knowledge of its set objectives. He should be proficient in the creation of various instruction situations. The foreshadowing of the difficulties experienced by the students under the presentation and the information on the intuitive tips to overcome them is required in the teacher. In order to make your instruction effective and efficient, the following things should be kept in mind while employing instruction to the teacher -
(1.) Activities and exercises that are capable of producing the prescribed perceptions and skills in an effective and efficient manner.
(2.) Selection of effective materials, procedures to overcome the difficulties of the learners in the instruction-learning process.
(3.) The fulfillment of the conditions required for the use of instruction materials and the anomaly in their use and to make them comfortable with the requirement of the class.
(4.) Development of desired motivation for knowledge of new subject, stimulant selection required for continuous flow of learning process, clarification for interest maintenance and development work in learning process, discussion ( ), Proficiency in the presentation of examples and examples.
(5.) Proficiency in assessment transfers, diagnosis and treatment.
In addition, in the instruction of a sub-unit of secondary mathematics, the teacher should have smooth answers to the following questions -
(1.) Prior learning of what experiences and understandings in the learner is necessary for learning the content.
(2.) What behavioral change is expected in the learner after learning the content?
(3.) What processes, processes and techniques are required for desired behavioral changes?
(3.) What specific difficulties can the learner face in acquiring the desired perception and ability?
(4.) Which tips can be used effectively to overcome these difficulties?
(5.) What materials and processes are needed for the development and maintenance of interest, motivation and learning for effective instruction.

5. Education and Training of Mathematics Teacher -

The major factors responsible for the effectiveness of education and training of mathematics teachers are as follows -
(1.) Selection of professional candidates, selection of professional candidates, teacher educational process, possibilities of appropriate conditions for work in the job (possibilities of appropriate working condition in the job), effective and efficient continuous education And Provisions of Effective and Efficient Continuous Education and Training.
(2.) Choosing education as a profession has been considered as the last option, but this is no longer the case. In the event of increasing unemployment and reduced employment opportunities, the importance of teaching profession has increased because it is an area in which the demand for teachers will increase as the population increases. Therefore, due to the expected accessibility of employment opportunities in this field, the youth wants to get secondary teacher training (B.Ed) as soon as they pass the graduate examination. With the formation of the National Council of Teacher Education - NCTE in the country, teacher education has definitely got a new direction in the whole country. Pre-examination has been made mandatory for admission to it. Universities select candidates on the basis of merit as a result of this examination for their respective colleges and their departments. In Rajasthan, this examination is done at the state level. Various universities conduct this examination in turn. This exam is called Pre Teacher Education Test. The university conducting the exam selects the trainees on the basis of merit for all the universities of the state as per the laid down rules. Currently the system being adopted in Rajasthan is going well. There may be some shortcomings in this, but by experience these shortcomings can be overcome gradually.
(3.) In this system, as a future teacher of Mathematics and Science, the person receives teacher training for livelihood only. The young girls who actually have aptitude and aptitude in teaching and mathematics are very rare. The present test of teacher aptitude and aptitude is just a formality.In this, good marks are being gained by studying and coaching the available gaids. Only those candidates with natural interest in both business and mathematics should be selected for teacher training in mathematics. The selection of such characters is not easy. For this, records of students have to be prepared from the school level itself. In every classroom, examination records related to individual student will have to be prepared in the activities of tests, clubs, projects etc. The same work will have to be done at higher secondary, college and university level. It is only by studying and analyzing these records that the right selection of future teachers for mathematics and science subjects can be made.


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