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Diagnosis Examinations in Mathematics

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Diagnosis Examinations in Mathematics 

1.Diagnosis Examinations in Mathematics in Mathematics teaching -

The term Diagnosis is used in Medical Science. Before treating the patient, their symptoms are studied and diagnosed and it is decided that what type of disease is there and how its treatment is possible? Diagnosis is necessary before treating the patient. If there were errors in diagnosis then it would be difficult to cure the patient. Diagnosis has great importance in medicine. In order to make a correct diagnosis, it is necessary to study the symptoms of the patient in detail. If inattentiveness was taken in the study of symptoms, the treatment would not be effective.
Diagnosis Examinations in Mathematics

Diagnosis Examinations in Mathematics 

Diagnosis and treatment in the classroom is also necessary for mathematics teachers. Most of the students are found to be weak in this subject and they do not understand many suffixes and principles clearly. If the teacher diagnoses the difficulties and weaknesses of the students, they can help them to learn the subject. Only after proper diagnosis can he adjust the teaching method as necessary.
It is necessary to consider here what are the reasons for the students being weak in mathematics and how can we be informed about these reasons? We know that physical, mental and social development of children is not equal in the classroom. In addition, some students are particularly exceptional in their physical and educational abilities. In such symptoms, they can also be excellent and can be inferior. It is the duty of a mathematics teacher that every student should take full advantage of teaching in the classroom. There are also students in the class who cannot make progress with classmates of their age and fall behind in this subject. Due to the students falling behind in the class, the teacher's work is interrupted and he experiences difficulties in making the mathematics subject an interesting subject for those students. Students' difficulties in mathematics can be diagnosed by clinical examinations. Clinical examinations in mathematics are also a kind of achievement tests, but the main purpose of clinical examinations is to diagnose the math problems of the students so that they can be treated. The student is not awarded marks in the clinical examination, but by looking at his answers, it is studied what kind of errors the student has made and what are the special things in these errors which are necessary for the teacher's knowledge. A special difference between the clinical examination and the achievement test is that the achievement test contains questions about the entire syllabus, but in the clinical examination different examinations are made for different sections of a sub-subject. For example- If we have to make a clinical examination about percentage in mathematics, then we will create a clinical examination by dividing the content of percentage into different sections and questions on suffixes, procedures, relations, calculations etc. related to each section. And study what kind of errors students make in these areas. O We will create questions for diagnosis by dividing the content of 'percent' into the following sections as per the requirement -
(1.) Meaning of percentage. Percent practical use in life.
(2.) Converting percentages into decimal fractions and ordinary fractions into percentages.
(3.) To convert percentages into ordinary fractions and ordinary fractions into percentages.
(4.) To find a certain percentage of a number.
(5.) Display of percentage by graph.
In Mathematics clinical examinations, students are also required to study calculation errors because most students make decimal calculations and unit related errors. If the calculation errors of the students are not treated then they will not be able to find the correct solution to the problems. The teacher should get detailed information about the difficulties and weaknesses of the students through clinical examinations and take necessary remedies before teaching the text of the advance lesson in class.
Due to students being weak in mathematics -
Students are often found to be weak in mathematics due to the following reasons, which is essential for the mathematics teacher -

2. Due to sharp or retarded student (Due to sharp or retarded student) -

Students who are sharp or retarded fall behind in the classroom. Sharp students do not get the required encouragement in the classroom and keep their attention outside the classroom. The level of classroom teaching is not favorable to them and they start thinking that what they are being told comes to them or can be learned later. The result is that they fall behind. Similarly, students with low intelligence do not understand the teacher's things and they are not able to progress in the classroom with the teaching speed of the teacher. Such children also fall behind and they find mathematics a very difficult subject. As a result, students do not get the full benefit of classroom teaching.
In such a situation, it becomes the duty of the teacher of mathematics to use such teaching methods that meet the subject related needs of the children who are intelligent and intelligent. The teacher should also overcome the personal difficulties of the students in mathematics through personal efforts so that they continue to progress. The organization of the content presented in the class should also be such that the students with sharp intellect and with mental intelligence find the text content interesting and attractive.
3. Impact of students' domestic problems -
Sometimes domestic problems also present obstacles for students to study. There are many elements like fear, quarrels, sickness, illiterate family, poverty which keep the attention of the students. If the mathematics teacher is familiar with the students' circumstances, then he can coordinate with these obstructing elements while making the teaching plan. The teacher can solve many problems of the students by sympathy for students and loyalty to their work. It is very difficult to give a definite solution to any problem, because the solution to human problems depends only on the humanitarian point of view.

4. Effect of students' math background

It has also been observed that students' mathematics background has an impact on their progress. Due to lack of clear knowledge of the suffixes and procedures of previous classes in mathematics, students have difficulties in understanding the new suffixes and processes of mathematics. Many students do not have clear knowledge of number related digits, localization of numbers, suffixes related to all four processes of numbers etc. and they make errors in calculations. They do not know well about many kinds of essential things in addition, rest, multiplication and division. Due to these deficiencies, they find mathematics to be a difficult subject in all further classes. Before starting a new lesson, a teacher of Mathematics can solve the problems of students by getting them through clinical examinations. Similarly, students make errors using the decimal system. In problems based on rupees, money, kilometers, centimeters, quintals, kilograms, grams, etc., they make errors due to unclear information about the corresponding suffixes of the decimal system. The teacher can know the errors of the students through clinical examinations and can prepare a teaching plan for their treatment. Use of computer is also beneficial to make the calculation successful.
Many types of mistakes are also made in mathematics. Students do not understand the terminology of mathematics, the language of the problem, the meaning of the definitions and make errors. They are not able to solve problems due to lack of knowledge of symbols, formulas, units etc.

5. Chronic absenteeism and physical deficiencies -

Chronic absenteeism and physical deficiencies also present obstacles to learning mathematics and students remain weak in this subject. The mathematics teacher has special responsibilities in this context.


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