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Importance of Teaching Methods in Mathematics

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Importance of Teaching Methods in Mathematics 

Importance of Teaching Methods in Mathematics

Importance of Teaching Methods in Mathematics 

1.Importance of Teaching Method

In the last few years, our education institutions focus on classroom teaching methods. In its report, the Secondary Education Commission has highlighted the importance and use of dynamic teaching methods in detail. About the effective teaching methods in the past decade, many workshops, refresher courses, summer institutes etc. have been organized at our national level and awareness is also visible somewhere in this context.But in most of our educational institutions and especially in educational institutions in rural areas, all these things have no special effect. This is also true for mathematics teaching. Classes of mathematics are still equally monotonous and lifeless, as it was earlier. In the field of mathematics, successful teaching has been done in very small numbers and there is a great lack of innovative means. A general mathematical teacher is not often ready to adopt new methods.To achieve the objectives of education it is very necessary that students should be interested in studying in class. Special efforts have to be made to make mathematical topics interesting in the classroom. The success of the teacher depends on the effective teaching method. It has been observed that many diligent mathematics teachers do not get success in the absence of appropriate teaching method in the classroom. For the teacher of mathematics, knowledge of different methods of mathematics is necessary otherwise He will fail to achieve the objectives in the classroom.
The choice of teaching method of mathematics depends on the need for content, students' ability, teaching objectives, etc. The teaching of mathematics should be selected carefully by teaching method. Due to inappropriate teaching methods, students find a difficult subject and students begin to fear the subject. Using effective method, students take an interest in mathematics and do not intimidate them in class. Psychology is considered an important basis in different teaching methods.Decisions about teaching methods should be made only in the context of content and objectives. No definite method can be rendered for the teaching of any sub-subject. The best method is to learn the subject matter from the subject and understand the contents of the subject as well. Effective use of teaching by experience and contemplation is possible.

2. Limitations of Traditional Teaching Method -

Students progress at very slow pace in traditional teaching methods of mathematics and discussions among students and teachers are ambiguous and uncertain. The teacher sometimes does not make the internal structure of mathematics as a source of inspiration.
(1.) The students have to follow the instruction of teacher and textbook and students are bound to resolve the problem only on the basis of the procedures mentioned.
(2.) Rule-example-practice is used.
(3.) The student has to reconsider the principles and procedures without thinking and without checking the rationality. Students solve the questions with the help of log sources without understanding the meaning of log. Remembers the theories of theorems without understanding.
(4) The emphasis is on the teaching of 'mathematical mechanics'. Calculations are considered mathematics, whereas calculation skills are merely means.
(5) The development of new ideas, logic, creativity, art, etc. is not developed by the language of mathematics.Conventional teaching methods are personal features.
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(6.) Creative thinking is not encouraged in the students.
(7) Today's requirements have been considered secondary and more time is spent in teaching the skills of initial calculations. We do not use many of these skills in our life. Do not use multi-digit numbers in life. The skills currently being taught for calculations of multi-digit numbers are not enough.They require computers. Use of computer should be compulsory.
(8.) The current teaching methods of mathematics are suitable for tomorrow but it is inappropriate in relation to today's needs.
(9.) Why and how is given a secondary position in mathematics.
(10.) The focus on the development of the ability to solve problems in students is reduced.
(11.) Due to these methods students have been approached for the formation of formalities, mechanism and old age towards mathematics. Important processes such as abstraction, structure, mathematical model construction etc. are not given place in teaching methods. Most teachers do not consider these as essential parts of mathematics.
(12.) The history of mathematics has not been the basis for inspiration, whereas the biographies of mathematicians are important for students to create excitement and awareness for mathematics.
(13.) Mathematics is not presented in the form of science, mathematics as art, mathematics as language and mathematics as a tool.
(14.) The teaching of mathematics remains subject-centered while it should be aim-centered.
(15) Competition in the examinations of this subject is evaluated primarily. Trends and creative thinking about mathematics is not evaluated.


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