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Analytic Method in Mathematics

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Analytic Method in Mathematics

1. Introduction -

Analytic Method in Mathematics

Analytic Method in Mathematics

This method has proved to be more useful especially in geometry. We use this method in the analysis of mathematical problems, but in geometry it has special significance in the teaching of theorems. By analyzing the complex side of any problem with the help of this method it is known how the solution can be obtained and what conditions are necessary for it. The dissection of the various aspects of the problem is considered as an analysis.
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In this method, complex problems are divided into many common problems and their solutions are known to facilitate the solution of the whole complex problem.
According to this method, we move on from the unknown to the known and the conclusions given to the facts. The discovery of the origin of any accomplishment or the composition of a definite method is not possible and understandable through the synthesis method. Why is any accomplishment or problem being proven or resolved by any particular method or why a particular composition is necessary?Answer to these questions is possible only through analytical method. Analytical method is not used in any of the mathematical textbooks that have been written.
If we know that 'A' is true and it is to prove that 'B' is also true, according to analytical method, we will say that 'B' can be true when 'A' is true and 'B' and ' A 'mutual equals' Only by analyzing, students can know what things we should know and how to use them to solve any achievement.It is necessary to adopt analytical method of thinking.
Whenever we find a solution to a complex problem in life, through analytical method, only trying to find solutions by analyzing various aspects of the problem. This method develops ability to explore students and strengthens the sense of self-reliance. Students get explanation of each aspect of Genesis and they themselves create new generation.

2.Example (example) -

Analytic method in mathematics

Analytic method in mathematics

3. Features of analytical method -

(1.) Why was there any composition made to prove any accomplishment or to solve a solution? This is reflected only when we adopt analytical method of contemplation. The discovery of the origin of any accomplishment and the creation of the decisive is understandable by the analytical method.
(2) By this method, the student himself can find the solution or the composition of a new problem or solution. In this method, the solution is not necessary to stop.
(3) This method establishes the ability to explore the student and the sense of self-reliance.
(4) By this method, rationality, thinking power and decision power develops in children and there is an increase in ability to analyze problems.
(5) Knowledge gained by it is permanent and encourages the tendency of searching in children. The child remains curious for the new knowledge.
(6) The presents of the instruments given in textbooks are not confidential to the children.
(7.) In this method lies the ability to clarify and it is used to understand and solve many problems of life.

4.Limitations -

(1.) This method takes more time to find solutions, because reasoning process is longer. Students have to go to the root of the problem.
(2.) Students get fewer informations and the amount of learning is less compared to the synthesis method.
(3.) This method is more useful for small children, because the level of reasoning does not have the required strength in younger age.
(4) Each teacher can not use this method successfully.
(5) The course can not be terminated in the prescribed time using the method.In the theories of geometry, 'given' and 'proven to', the situation is not as much available in many situations of life.


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