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Utility of Mathematics in practical life

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Utility of Mathematics in practical life

Utility of Mathematics in practical life

Utility of Mathematics in practical life

(1.)Importance of Mathematics

Illuminating the importance of mathematics in today's scientific era, the sun has to show the lamp. Mathematics is the mother of science and without the help of mathematics, progress in science is not possible. All the physical progress we currently see is the same as that of science and mathematics. Science without mathematics becomes paralyzed. The facts are studied, compiled and analyzed with the help of the principles of mathematics. By establishing a relation between the facts, new theories are given with the help of birth mathematics.Mathematics has a significant hand in the progress of physics and it is used more and more in the development of biological sciences. With the advent of automation science and cybernatics, it has become necessary to pay special attention to mathematical study.

(2.) Contribution of Mathematics in Scientific Research -

Reaching the moon is one of the most important events of this century.Distance of the moon's earth, the speed of the rocket, the different obstacles in the motion of the rocket in the atmosphere, the effect of heat, the impact of the earth on the rocket speed, the time of reaching the rocket's moon, etc., with the help of mathematics Maybe possible. Without the help of mathematics, no rocket related calculation can be done. Mathematics has a major hand in making science practical. It is necessary to use mathematics in the plan to reach Mars and Venus, and in the near future, human beings can also reach other planets like the moon.It is possible only by mathematics to give different figures of nature the numerical form. Many facts and figures obtained from the Moon have been evaluated with the help of mathematics and we have learned about the many new things about the Moon and its atmosphere due to the findings of the evaluation. The framework of the future and creation is impossible without the help of mathematics.

(3.) Use of Mathematics in Our Routine - 

Even in daily life, there has been more and more use of mathematics.Part of every life is related to some other party. In different situations of life, we somehow use the rules, principles and procedures of mathematics. For every human being to be a useful part of society, there should be general knowledge of mathematics. Without it, difficulties in the daily life have to be faced. When we go to buy vegetables or any other item from the market, without the common knowledge of mathematics, we will have difficulty in determining the price and calculating the price.While calculating the income of the house, while calculating the income and wages, while weighing things, giving time in the clock, giving information about the arrival of the train, taking the money from the bus while taking the other money, while stamping the envelope At the time of giving the strings in the strings, that is to use mathematics at each site. There is hardly any such work in life, in which there is little or no quantity of mathematics used. Tailor has to be cut according to the cloth measurement, the confectioner has to use proportion, average, etc. in his work,The seller of milk has to be used in the seller, the use of different weights of the granary has to be used, although in the modern era, so much development of technology has been done that weighing with the weights is going down, but the knowledge of technology Also requires the knowledge of mathematics.Overseer and engineer have to calculate the area, volume etc., the player has to take care of the score, the doctor needs to give the necessary quantity of medicines by keeping the patient's age in mind, according to his work and time. Wages have to be calculated, the account has to be taken into account when making a piece of wood. In short, it can be said that there is no such aspect of life which does not require mathematics.It can also be said that the use of mathematics has become more and more useful in every respect. Using machines and electricity, mathematics is essentially used in many industries.

(4) Contribution of Mathematics in Development of Technology -

Mathematics has been a useful role in bringing closer the world's citizens and the flourishing of society. The economic progress of society depends on the use of technical knowledge. To understand the inventions of scientists and mathematicians, knowledge of mathematics is necessary.The achievement of radio, computer, television, movies, rockets, airplanes, cars, bridges, buildings of many floors, wings, roads, water vessels, science equipment etc. have been possible only because of math. Due to the increased use of mathematics in future, more and more prosperity should be expected in public life.
Knowledge of mathematics is essential in the study of astrology, geography, commerce, economics, physics, chemistry, engineering etc. The new progress in these subjects is being done using the knowledge of mathematics.It is being seen that the content of the subject matter in these subjects has become more understandable with the help of mathematics.

(5) Roll of Mathematics in Our Life-

There are many sub-topics in the course of mathematics that work in our lives and facilitate the activities of our daily lives. For example, there are many sub-topics, such as measurement, weigh and decimal system, single rule, simple and compound interest, ratio, time, speed and distance, graph, average, percentage, statistics budget, area and  volume, aggregate theory etc. Is necessary in the life of . With progress, many new sub-topics have to be included in the curriculum in the future so that the new needs of the common man can be met. In the old courses, the set theory, triangulation, the area and volume of the cylinders were not subject to computer at the secondary level, but keeping them in high math and life requirements, they have been included in the new curriculum.Mathematics has started teaching the set theory in primary classes and in India we also need to do it because it is inevitable for us to walk with the progress of mathematics in the world. The language of current mathematics is the language of the set.


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