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Tips for weak students in mathematics

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Tips for weak students in mathematics

1.Due to weakness in students' mathematics and solutions

(1.) There are three levels of children in the class -
 high, medium and low level. Students who are highly intelligent and low-level, tend to fall behind in class because high intelligent students do not get subject material for their studies. Since their mind does not feel in the classroom, they think that all the things they are saying by the teacher, they come to the fore as a result they start lagging behind.Similarly, a fool-proof child-girl can not understand the teacher's talk because his mental level is low. Only a few things make sense to explain them to the solution aspect. Therefore, the teacher should continue to fulfill his needs by giving personal attention to the highly educated and well-educated students so that they remain interested in the study.
Tips for weak students in mathematics

Tips for weak students in mathematics

(2.) Some students do not take interest in studies due to fights, illness, family unrest, uneducated families, poverty, fear of mathematics etc.The teacher of mathematics should not have formal relations with the students, but should also create an informal relationship and should sympathize with the individual problems of the students, the teacher should dedicate and follow his duties because he Completely solving of personal problems is a difficult task, students solve them Is not to be used by the individual concerned.
(3) Students are also weak in mathematics that the weakness of their previous classes is addition, multiplication, division, rest, square root, cube root, multiplication of decimal numbers, parts, rest constraints. For this, the teacher should weaken the weak students in their orbit or the courses of some previous classes should be resolved along with the curriculum.

(4.) Some students are not present in the classroom regularly, so they fall backward in class. For this, the teacher tried to remove it by knowing its cause.
(5.) Physical weakness of some students also present obstacles in learning math. In such a way, the teacher of mathematics has a special responsibility, he should give some basic information regularly to meditate, yoga, asana, pranayam so that his physical weakness can not be obstructed in learning math.

2.(6.) In fact, the teacher should try to get the following information about students -

(1.) What kinds of errors do students and students do?

(2.) What are the reasons for doing these errorsAnd how can they be overcome?

(3.) Which errors are related to the previous classes and how much relation is with their current class?

(4.) What errors are happening repeatedly?

(5.) Collectively, what errors do students collectively collectively, which can be resolved simultaneously and what errors are done individually, which can be removed at the individual level?

3.Solution: -

 (1) Virtually the teacher of mathematics should not only be well versed in mathematics and also possesses virtuous qualities in it. It should be like humility, kindness, compassion, honesty, dedication, loyalty, and in reality, he will be able to overcome the weakness of mathematics in the students.

(2) Time and time should also be kept monthly and fortnightly so that their weakness will be removed.

(3) In today's education system, board examinations are held once, due to which the students do not prepare all year round.As soon as the exam draws, during the examinations, the students awake night and night, starve and leave all sports and take the exam. The result is that the examiner gets sick. Therefore, the teacher should continue to take the test from time to time throughout the year from which the fear of failing in students is overcome.

(4) The teacher of mathematics should emphasize on remembering by not emphasizing the need to stop the students.

(5.) Some students try to pass by copying.Due to copying, students remain vulnerable and if caught, the future can also be spoiled. If the students are properly prepared from the beginning, such a situation will not arise.

(6.) The teacher should not only examine the knowledge of mathematics but also examine the candidate's language, handwriting and hygiene while taking a test.


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