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Mathematics and Discipline

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Mathematics and Discipline


The study of mathematics develops many mental and disciplinary qualities and values ​​in the students. This study develops the qualities of thinking, understanding, reasoning and decision making in the students. The habit of checking the truth through inspection power and experiments in the children falls from the study of this subject and they generate original and orderly thoughts. To get the answer to the question, the child has to make the basis of truthfulness and his truthfulness by getting the correct answer and Faith is born in logic.
Mathematics and Discipline

Mathematics and Discipline 

2. The following characteristics are developed by many mental actions in mathematical students who become part of their life (Many mental activities in mathematics students develop the following characteristics which become part of their life).

(1.) Belief in basic mathematical operations and principles.

(2.) Ability to obtain correct solutions to problems by using mathematical ideas.

(3) Consider mathematics as a useful subject.

(4) Use of mathematical competencies and logic in different areas of life.
Supporters of believing in the disciplinary purpose of mathematical teaching have the belief that mental discipline developed by this subject is not limited to mathematics, but it is also transferred to other actions of life.

3. The study of mathematics leads to the development of the following types of mental functions, which is not possible by studying other subjects (The study of mathematics leads to the development of the subjects of other subjects. ) -
(1.) The study of mathematics increases the power of concentration among the students. To understand and solve math problems, a good level of concentration is required. This power is developed by regular study of mathematics.

(2.) The study of mathematics develops discrimination and functional imagination. When using the discretion, it is necessary to imagine the appropriate method and make a decision when solving the problem.To understand any problem of geometry or arithmetic, it has to resort to imagination and find the right solution. This type of continuous training awakens the students' discretion.

(3) The study of mathematics leads to confidence and self-reliance in students. Dependence gradually decreases on the knowledge of books and beliefs on self-meditation and meditation are increased.

(4) The study of mathematics creates a habit of working independently of students Because without it they can not get the right to this subject. It is necessary to study the study of mathematics from the beginning of the session in the classification of each class. Just like in other subjects, this topic can not be learned only in the exam days. This topic can be learned very well by hard work and continuous efforts.

(5.) The study of mathematics in new inventions is helpful. In order to understand this subject, the student has to meditate and argue and use the originality.Innovative research requires originality, logic and verbal imagery, and these are mostly obtained from the study of mathematics.

(6.) The student of mathematics becomes characteristic and perseverant by continuous study. By establishing unity in the facts related to mathematical truths and life, he becomes satyanthal and on continuous diligence he gets the right to the subject matter of mathematics. Mathematics can not be learned like history or language.Understanding the rules and principles of mathematics has to be done to solve the problem and it is necessary to work continuously to achieve perfection in this subject. The basis of their success as a good student of mathematics is the labor they have done in learning this subject. In the habit of working in a consistent way, integrity in regularity and truth etc., the character is created in the students, which in turn leads to human qualities. The practice of working with cleanliness and purity is also for mathematics
The practice of working with cleanliness and purity is also essential for mathematics.

(7.) Students of mathematics are diligent. Therefore, they can learn any difficult subject through hard work and meditation. It has also been seen that the students of mathematics have the right to the language because they easily adapt the rules of language creation, the meaning of words and baroque language of languages. Due to being industrious, it is easy to get the right over their language.
(8.) Simplicity and simplicity in life is considered to be the contribution of mathematics. There is a simple and difficult aspect in the subject of mathematics and the method of learning is simply on the hardships. The problems or hierarchy of problems or problems in the geometry is the orderliness and precision, which impacts on the student's thinking and habits. Functionality and simplicity Shaniya becomes part of the human personality. Successful attempts to achieve the right findings generate awareness about the ability of the student in his own strength.
(9) Accelerated logic - To achieve its goal i.e., to get the correct solution to the problem, it is necessary for the student to think about the rationale of each post. Student can not hide his deficiency in mathematics by word of speech or language. He will have to use the right steps to find the right solution, otherwise he will be unable to get the correct answer.

4. Other qualities that are helpful in mathematics learning (Other qualities that are helpful in learning mathematics)-

(1.) Unbelief in the cradle.
(2.) Refinement of contemplation.
(3) Faith in the rationality of purification and hypothesis in statements.
(4.) Development of the ability to decide truth and false.
(5) Development of the ability to quickly understand and discuss the facts.
(6.) Regularity in habits
(7.) Development of memory.
(8.) Belief in verification of findings.
(9) Development of clarity and precision.
(10) Coordination of functionality and imagination.
(11) Transparency in selection of method.
By studying mathematics, the above-mentioned qualities and other powers develop into a student. In today's era it is necessary to have the purity, clarity and orderliness of ideas. A good student of mathematics does not like deception, lies, deceit and flutter. Mathematics is a great topic for character-building and mental discipline. Mathematics and philosophy have a close relationship. Famous mathematician philosophers of the world have also been there. Bertend Russell, Einstein were also mathematician philosophers.The study of this subject creates a habit of subtle inspection and this habit leads to contemplation of man's many mysterious elements of the world and creates interest in the field of philosophy.


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