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Importance of practice for students

Written By satyam coaching centre on Tuesday, 2 July 2019 | 07:16

Importance of practice for students: -

(1) Students should practice after doing theoretical education of the lessons. Before starting the exercise, students should be interested in that lesson otherwise the students will not do the work.
Importance of practice for students

Importance of practice for students

(2) In practice practice, it should be kept in mind that practice should be from simple to hard, i.e. should give simple question first and then a difficult question should be given, because most students have intellectual level normal.
(3) Students should make immediate corrections while doing the same, while solving the practice.

(4) The teacher should take care that the students should try to find their own errors before making an error and motivate the students for it.

(5) The teacher should learn this art that the children should be interested, no matter how much practice is given, the child will not be able to learn.
(6.) Students should be given the necessary instructions initially (briefly). If the instructions are given too much then the students will not be able to pay attention to the practice.

(7.) Children should be done once they solve the book, so that complex subjects can be understood properly. If there is any difficulty then get help from the teacher

(8) The teacher should motivate the students to think over the complex subject.

(9) There are different mental level boys in the classroomTherefore, education should be done in accordance with them.

(10) Students should be patient if the child is not progressing in improving the errors.

(11.) The error correction in the child is effective only when the teacher improves it immediately after catching an error.

Conclusions: - By practice, students and teachers find out where and where the student makes a mistake, and where there is difficulty in solving them.The cause of the errors can be ascertained immediately. Students can be warned of errors. Practicing errors can lead to immediate errors in immediate errors. Improper errors should be done only by the students.

By doing exercise, the mind can become intelligent too. Like the great idol Kalidasa became Kalidas. Fooled Bopdev composed the Sanskrit texts. These types of examples can be given.There is also a saying that "the practice of doing the practice is that it becomes a gentleman, even on the strength of practice, that is, the mark on the cobweb of the floating horoscope is like a gentleman who gets a mark on the stone after pulling water from the rope in the well. There is also a saying that

 Srimadbhagwadgita Geeta also states that "

 Abhyasayog Yuuktan Chetasa Nanyagamina

 Paramam men Divya yati parthanu chinteen ..
That is Partha! It is a rule that the practice of meditation of God (the study of karma) in its meditative form, with the form Yoga, the contemplative person, continuously contemplating with the mind that does not go on the other side, receives only the divine God, ie the concentration.


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