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Importance of Mathematics

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Importance of Mathematics

(1) Development of intelligence: -

There is no such topic other than mathematics which can keep students active as mathematics. Students have to do mental work to solve any problem of mathematics. Students who can develop creative and creativity in mathematics, through the study of mathematics, in the students, rationality, memory, concentration, thought and thinking power etc. mental actions develop.

(2) Development of culture: -

 Students from the study of mathematics have the knowledge of equality, regularity and symmetry, which are the major parts of culture. From Sanskrit we mean that the good and welfare things that are done by our ancestors They join in. Apart from this, mathematics is contributing to the elimination of poverty, ignorance, disease, illiteracy, superstition from society.

(3.) Discipline: -

The students develop mathematical studies such as regularity, purity, originality, orderliness, honesty, concentration, imagination, self-confidence, memory, quick thinking ability, so that their brain is disciplined.
Importance of Mathematics

Importance of Mathematics

(4) Development of socialism: -

Man is a social creature and students also have to go ahead and become part of the society. Knowledge of mathematics is required for social life Because even in the society there is a need to keep a transaction, business, account book, which is dependent on the knowledge of mathematics. Different inventions, requirements for moving different organs of society from one place to another and bringing different parts of the society closer Mathematics has a huge contribution in supporting aid in

(5) Development of scientific approach: -

In order to study mathematics, a special talent is needed in the students on the basis of which the students do their routine work, this is what we call scientifically.First of all, in the study of mathematics, what is the problem? What to know? And what is its purpose? To address these positions, there is a need for special concern on the problem, in which the development of scientific approach develops.

(6.) Knowledge of practicality: -

Time to make a budget, measure, watch time in the clock, while going to office, while applying the thermometer, it is necessary to calculate the time of spreading the preset in the examination.In addition to this, there is a great need in our daily lives in basic life such as counting, adding, parting, subtracting, weighing, measuring, buying, multiplying, etc. It is possible only on the basis of knowledge of mathematics. The inventory of pleasures such as rays, televisions, mobile phones, electric wings, coolers etc. were not possible without the knowledge of mathematics. Thus, Mathematics has been an important contributor to making science practical.

(7) The means of living income: -

To earn livelihood in the modern era is also a purpose of education. In today's competition examinations, other tests like Mathematics are taken in every competition examination such as banking, clerk, accountant, constable and other competition examinations. It is difficult to succeed in these competitive examinations without mathematics. In the present time, knowledge of engineering, banking, technical occupations and knowledge Teaching is possible only through mathematics.The student studied in mathematics does not face any problems in living. Students of mathematics can easily earn a living easily in the present age.


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