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How to teach modern mathematics

Written By satyam coaching centre on Friday, 5 July 2019 | 20:17

How to teach modern mathematics?

(1.) The field of modern mathematics has become very wide and is becoming so, therefore, there is a need for revolution in mathematics education, that is, mathematics should be taught like science. The only way to teach the formulas is not mathematics.
How to teach modern mathematics

How to teach modern mathematics

(2.) Mathematical abstract structures are the study of counterparts. To make the students understand this fundamental concept of mathematics, every little thing should be introduced in a broad and deep, they can be introduced through patterns.Like a parallel sequence, there is a pattern in the numbers of the ratio serial. Polygonal and multiples are also copies of Where there are no counterparts, such as in abstract mathematics, it is difficult to explain mathematics.

(3) Students should be excited to find and explore these structures. Students should be encouraged to collect models by collective efforts.Practice is required in mathematics, therefore practice should be given priority.

(4) Intangational(abstract) mathematics requires anthropology, so emphasis on comprehensive and intensive study is to develop the learning of arithmetic. Proper estimation and right occupation are the guiding in this direction.

(5) In mathematical teaching, students should develop induction logic (studying toward normal, specific from micro to macro, while using this method) should be developed.Like the sum of the three angles of the triangle is equal to two right angles. If an angle opposite to a quadrilateral is equal, then it is a parallelogram.

(6.) Challenging and interesting questions for meritorious students and simple questions for the weaker students should be included.

(7.) Mathematics is an abstract subject, but its education should be given by examples, facts and relationships of tangible objects.

(8.) Mathematics is logical, hence its teaching should be used for contemplation, contemplation and logic.

(9.) Always be prepared for new discoveries and revolutionary change and should always be learning.

(10) Intuitive knowledge and general estimation should be used for mathematical teaching.

(11) Students should be given an opportunity to think of solving difficult, complex and challenging questions and problems.

(12.) The teacher's work is like a signatory tool but it does not mean that if any difficult questions are there, solve them, solve the students, instead motivate the students to solve themselves.Even if not tried, the teacher should tell his guide line.

(13.) Studying the subject of mathematics in a detailed and in-depth study makes mathematical subjects dynamic and motivates them to learn.

(14.) In addition to more complex questions, intellectual force and entertainment based questions should be included.

(15) Technical terms should be explained by definition and explained by many questions and examples.
(16.) The difficult words present in definitions should be simplified and explained by its synonyms.


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