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Mathematics education in English

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Mathematics education: -

Mathematics education

Mathematics education

(1) The balanced development of the body, mind and spirit is considered to be the development of a person, which is called the name of karma, knowledge and devotion. It can also be called coordination of mind, word and action. The ability to think, analyze, analyze, analyze, develop, help in the balanced development of a person's body, mind, and spirit. From the study of mathematics, qualities such as practice, concentration and self-satisfaction, There is a problem.The person is able to make a decision of truth and untruth by contemplation, logic, concentration, practice. He realizes the truth.

(2) Today's era is a scientific age and mathematics in science is a major and main subject. It is like the spinal cord of science. It is difficult for the person who is not familiar with mathematics, for knowledge of science and world

(3.) There were also great philosophers in India and the world.In India, Aryabhatta II, Brahmagupta, Mahavaracharya, Bhaskaracharya and in the modern era, Shri Dwelling Ramanujam, Dr. Ganesh Prasad has become a mathematician and in Western education scientists, Herbert, Frabel, Pastealaji, Dr. Maria Mantesari, T. P. Nun has been a valet in the field of mathematics.

(4) A person studying mathematics can easily understand subjects such as philosophy, logic, Vedas, Upanishads.
(5) In spite of having so much importance of math and interconnection with various subjects of life, this question is being raised whether the subject of mathematics is removed from the curriculum or kept as a matter of elective subject. The practical life of a mathematical subject , Spiritual life and important contribution in our profession. Why is this topic being so important, why is it demanding to remove it or make it electives, the reason is that humans Mr. nature that does not have any difficulty or problem in front of him and to be his work directly in the simplest way.From our lives, things like religion, spirituality are disappearing. Its side effects are also in front of us. Today the human is tensed, fight in the brother-in-law, corruption, misdeeds, women harassment, theft, dishonesty, all around, ie, dissatisfaction is flourishing. Adhering spirituality in life brings mental satisfaction and also solutions to many problems of life. Therefore, in ancient times, It was less, people did not do bad deeds.People used to have peace due to affection, cooperation, brotherhood, compassion, kindness, compassion, love and affection.

(6) This implies that if the mathematics is difficult, then its life is very useful.So instead of removing it, solve problems and problems that are present in it. If problems are not solved even after trying their own efforts With the help of the teacher, the solution can be solved. If the college does not get enough time, then it can solve through coaching, video or internet.
7.) Chonatia, problems and troubles are good for us in one sight because in our plight, our brain becomes more active and the concentration increases, at that moment we miss the divine moment. In such a situation, solutions to problems Neither anything goes out. The person falls into disarray, just as it is to remove the impurity of the gold by repeatedly rendering and rubbing it, in the same way in adversities The decay of our evil deeds and our heart becomes holy and pure.Astu math education is very important in our life.


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