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Mathematics and Teacher in English

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Mathematics and Teacher: -

 (1) Mathematics is a subject that requires a teacher to study. If the learner is knowledgeable from the depth, knowledge of the subject, and the students are aware of the difficulties, then mathematics can be very interesting and the development of logical ability among the students For successful teaching in Mathematics, the following qualities need to be: -
(2) Knowledge from the depth of mathematical topics - Today's era is a technological age, therefore new discoveries are being made in the subject matter and the courses are changed so that when the mathematical teacher can have deep knowledge, while studying Have a tendency to learn and learn new knowledge.
Mathematics and Teacher in english

Mathematics and Teacher in English

(3) Positive attitude - If a teacher has a positive attitude towards mathematics, then the teacher considers mathematics as essential, useful and important. Such a teacher can develop a positive attitude of students towards mathematics.
(3) Business Approach - Today's era is an economic era; Mathematics and science are important contributors in the economic development of the country. Therefore, teachers who understand the compulsion to teach mathematics can not be interested in the students' interest in mathematics but Those teachers who are loyalty to the business, they do their work efficiently, they create interest in the students.

(5) Experience in teaching mathematics - Those teachers who have the experience of teaching mathematics, present the mathematics subject in simple form to the students.If the teacher does not experience then the teacher's errors have an impact on the learning of the students. Mathematics teacher must have extensive and deep knowledge. Always keep taking eclipses.

(6.) Knowledge of other topics - Mathematics is related to other subjects like chemistry, physics etc. etc. So the student should ask questions related to other subjects and then solve it. In addition to material subjects, moral, religious and spiritual Knowledge of books should also beWhich can solve the problems related to the life of the students.

(7) Knowledge of psychology - The teacher of mathematics requires practical knowledge of psychology as there are different intellectual level students of the same class. A student is understood in a nutshell. The mental capacity of each student to learn or Level is not the same. Therefore, it is possible to develop interest in the reading of more brilliant, middle-minded children, whereas chapters The wisdom of psychology.
(7.) Virtue life: -
 The teacher of mathematics will have a life-meaning that the life of the teacher will be pure, pure and humble, patient, courageous, discreet, and students will be effectively teaching them. These qualities should also be present in the teachers of other disciplines, but it must be done in a teacher teaching complex subjects such as mathematics that encourages the students to read.

(8) Information about the practical knowledge of mathematics: -
Where and where in the form of mathematics it can be used or done.Mathematics is used in various tasks such as making house budget, income, wages, weighing of items, while watching time in clock, while paying bus fare, calculating or extracting average ratio. With this type of knowledge, students can be told about their practical utility.

(9) Knowledge of new technology: -
 In today's era, technical knowledge has a very important role in bringing the world's citizens closer. It can not be imagined without technical knowledge today.The dissemination of knowledge of mathematics is easily done through the mobile, computer and internet, and is being speedy. The teacher can provide solutions to many problems sitting in the house through these students easily, anywhere. Today, the economic progress of the society depends on the technical knowledge which can lead to happiness, happiness and prosperity in our life. There is also the possibility of using more mathematics in future life.

Analysis :-
 Successful teacher of mathematics can be the only one in which knowledge is always thirsty, there is simplicity in life, there is always simplicity in knowledge, there is simplicity in life.Have life with spirituality, morality and morality. In fact, spirituality and mathematics (science) complement each other. Knowledge of both comes from person to perfection. Such a teacher can develop and motivate students in the interest of mathematics, and the condition is that the teacher's theory and practice should not be different. Many teachers have a deep and vivid knowledge of mathematics, but their character is not bright, students have an adverse effect on such a teacher.Pure and holy conduct of the teacher motivates students to do the same.


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