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Common mistakes by students in mathematics

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Common mistakes by students in mathematics

Common mistakes by students in mathematics

Common mistakes by students in mathematics

Errors and improvements in mathematics by students
(1.) Mathematics is an abstract subject. Therefore, while solving problems of students, thinking should be encouraged, reasoning. Mathematics is not as difficult as it is understood. It becomes difficult because we do not try to improve the errors or shortcomings that remain.

(2.) Many times we take the question incorrectly when writing the question in the notebook.Instead of adding to the rest or the rest of the joint, some parts are of a question and some part of the second question. This is because we are either talking to a fellow student or we have a place somewhere. Therefore, while writing the question and keeping the mind fixed, the mind should be concentrated. Continuous practice should always be done to concentrate the mind.

(3.) Once the problem is solved, it can not solve the problem while repetition.If the question has been solved with the help of a teacher or fellow student, then that question should be checked and once again the house should be solved without assistance. Such questions should be taken up in a separate note book and should be recapituted in the free time or should be remembered if there is no time for repetition.

(4) Abandoning difficult questions: - 

Leaving difficult questions creates a tendency to solve simple questions in every class and gradually the mathematical subjects in the forward classes seem to be difficult.If you keep on solving the difficult questions of mathematics in every class and do not leave these difficult questions again and again, then the math will not be difficult.

(5.) Do not solve other questions besides the syllabus: - 

Our institute has become centered and therefore do not solve other than the curriculum, which does not develop our intellectual ability and thinking ability. In addition to some textbooks in the holidays or from the beginning, questions should also be solved.For this, we should also solve other questions by taking a reference book from the library.

(6.) Practice mathematics only at the time of the examination: - 

Many students do not practice mathematics from the time of the luncheon and solve the exams only, such students read from the point of view and solve the selected questions. Are. By not solving the entire textbook and not repeating it, the topic of mathematics becomes difficult for them.

(7.) Ignore minor errors: - 

Some students make errors in multiplication, division, square root, cube root of decimal. After going into higher classes, thus improving the errors, they do not find them suitable for their states. Such minor errors should be corrected by such students, either in the holidays or in the session.
(8.) Making deliberate mistakes: - Some students deliberately commit mistakes, they gradually become habituated to making mistakes. Once the habit gets tired, it is rarely left. Therefore, students should not knowingly make mistakes, they have to bear the loss of their own in the end.

(9) Do not check the question properly:-

 Some schools wrongly solve the question and do not investigate it properly, the student mistake automatically takes his mistake himself and becomes intense.Therefore concentrating, exercising, inspecting oneself, can lead to their own mistakes.

(10.) Not to be active:-

 Some students solve problems while solving problems, solve problems with the teacher, do not try their own efforts, neither insist on the brain. Many students have the habit of solving repeatedly difficult questions with teachers or fellow students. Such students are either thinking that mathematics is not to be taken as an elective subject, just to be passed.But doing so, students do not develop a habit of combating difficulties and being backward in any topic.

(11) Iterative of the entire course: - 

Many students have a habit of repeating the entire course. Clever students can solve the entire curriculum, but ordinary students do not have time to solve and their repetition is not met.Instead, difficult questions can be identified from the beginning and they can be saved if time is recurred.

(12.) Calculation in higher classes also do not solve the oral form: - 

Some students add, rest, etc., even after going into higher classes, which can be verbally known, they have weakness due to their verbal resolve. She goes. Therefore, the sum, multiplication, rest, part can be known verbally, they should be resolved verbally.

(13.) Not able to solve the problems of small organs such as Factors, Classrooms in higher classes: - 

Student questions can not be solved due to the fact that in the small classes, the productivity, the square root, the grass root, the smallest part of the family, Find it Therefore, they should practice properly. Practice means that continuously repeating that typical until they can not properly solve the related questions.

(14.) Extremely dependent on the teacher:-

 Some students can not solve the questions without the help of the teacher.The reason is that do not do much work in small classes, which later becomes a problem for them. Take board classes as a challenge, but take it lightly in other classes or ignore them. Therefore, students and guardians should take every class seriously.

Review: - 

Students should take math seriously in each class. The more you try to solve themselves, the more profit will be.In fact, the above mentioned errors are done so that the students do not take interest in the development of qualities like diligence, regularity, purity, patience, integrity of truth, concentration, meditation, yoga. They are not included in the present education system. Therefore parents, parents, teachers should develop these qualities in the students. If the suggestions given above are applied, then the mathematical subjects who are dull and hard to find will be happy with the mathematical topic.


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